Jedi Mind Trick? · 29 August 2008

The Jedi Mind Trick is not such a big deal. After all, mothers and probably all women use it. And they do not even need to wave their hands like Obi-Wan and Luke. Now I know what everybody is thinking. Obi-Wan and Luke really did not need to wave their hands to do the Jedi Mind Trick. They just did it so that people watching the movies could tell when they were doing it. I know this and yet I am still amazed that I never realized mothers used the trick. I guess that just shows how effectively they use it.

I suppose that all mothers consciously or subconsciously conspire to make sure everybody believes the Jedi Mind Trick is merely a fictitious creation of George Lucas. Rather than something that women use to get men under their influence to do what they want. My sister-in-law blew it though when she told me my mom used it on me.

My parents were coming over for a weekend visit. For some reason, after I finished talking to my mom about the visit, I called my brother to see if he and his family were coming over too. Mom had suggested that maybe my brother was already planning on coming over so that we could all get together. Which is what I told my sister-in-law when she answered the phone. She just laughed and said that Mom must have used the Jedi Mind Trick on me to get me to call. We just laughed about it. I did not realize what a great secret I had uncovered until after I got off the phone.

When I had finished talking to my sister-in-law and my brother, I realized that the Jedi Mind Trick was just a misnomer. It should actually be called the Female Mind Trick. Mom had indeed used it to get me to call my brother to invite him for a visit. I decided then and there that women must have used the trick from the beginning of time to get men to do their will.

As another example, my wife suggested that our yard needed a fence to be a backdrop for the flowerbeds as well as a boundary for our kids and dog. I agreed, of course. Originally, I agreed because I thought it was a good idea, but I now wonder if she might have tricked me into thinking it was a good idea. After all, Obi-Wan said that the trick only works on those with feeble minds, which if it does not describe most men, would certainly describe me. Maybe my wife just Jedi Mind Tricked me into making the fence and thinking it was a great idea.

I am certain that others have discovered that the Jedi Mind Trick is real but just misnamed. Women, especially mothers, have been using it to keep men around them doing their bidding. That it is not such a big deal though. We men seem to do what the women in our lives want us to do and often we think that we are the ones with the big ideas. Like when I called my brother about coming over one weekend or when I built our fence. They were great ideas that I now realize came from two important women in my life.

When all is said and done, I am sure that the Jedi or Female Mind Trick is harmless.

At least that is what all the women tell me.

© 2008 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Published 23 October 2008 in The RiverCurrentNews


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