Holey Jeans · 1 March 2007

I have this perfectly broken in pair of jeans. They are just right. They are faded and comfortable. They fit perfectly and I would wear them all the time. But they have a hole in them.

I know that current fashion says that people can wear jeans with holes in them. I have seen kids with holes in their jeans that were made by the manufacturer. The kids actually bought the jeans with holes in them. Maybe I have just not arrived in the twenty-first century yet but it seems that holey jeans should only be worn at home when working in the yard or painting or even just lounging around. Never in public.

Of course, I could never walk around with my midriff showing either. Not that anybody would want to see my belly button but I can not imagine that it would be a comfortable way to dress. I remember back in the last century when athletes would wear t-shirts that were cut off to show their six-pack abs. But they were just in the gym or out on the fields. Most of them were modest enough to cover up in public.

Today, I am shocked when young ladies wear clothes that look like underwear. In the old days, camisoles would be worn underneath blouses not instead of them. Women would be embarrassed when their bra straps were showing. The beach and the gym were the only public places where belly buttons were seen on a regular basis. But I guess times have changed. Regardless of their belly sizes or shapes, it seems that everybody shows their belly buttons.

I guess that I should embrace the new fashions of the twenty-first century. I should wear my holey jeans and t-shirts that are too small. I should let the world see my belly button and be proud. Then again, by the time I can get to the point of being ready to follow the trends of the times, those trends will probably have passed. By the time I get to the point when I can show my belly button with pride, I will be behind the times.

I guess that I will continue to just wear my holey jeans only at home. I will not embarrass myself by trying to fit into the times. But I suppose that I will still be embarrassed for those who do.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Published 01 March 2007 in The RiverCurrentNews


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