Walking Home From School · 26 September 2008

Even though I am concentrating on quality rather than quantity of writing, a couple years of posting some sort of writing has given me, at the very least, a compulsion to give the world some piece of writing each week. Because I want the pieces to be quality or at least polished, I have chosen to post some writing that I did a few years ago and had actually put together as a book of growing up stories. I like to call the book Long Walks Home or Pee on Poo, Potty on the Shoe. It is a book that is unpublished but provides much of the basis for a children’s book series that I am in the process of writing (book one is in the last stages of revision).

I hope that you enjoy the serialization of Long Walks Home or Pee on Poo, Potty on the Shoe as I bring it to you on this website. If you recognize any of the characters here, it is probably because you grew up with people just like them.

Long Walks Home or Pee on Poo, Potty on the Shoe – Prologue

Life must have been much easier when I was a kid than when my dad was. I remember walking to and from elementary school every day. It was close to a mile and the weather was pleasant most days. And I always had good company on those walks. At the very least, I had my brother, Russell, and usually we were accompanied by my best friend, Brook. We had lots of fun and didn’t get into too much trouble. But apparently, walking to and from school in Colorado was not always so idyllic.

There must have been an ice age in Colorado during the forties and fifties. Not only that but in those times, city and county officials must have mandated that schools be in remote hilly locations. I have come to these strange conclusions because I have heard numerous people besides my dad tell the same story about walking to school. Unlike my brother and me, my dad did not enjoy walking to school. And who would in the conditions that he endured? He had to walk five miles. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways! Sometimes, I wonder how he and all those other folks in that time period survived the adverse conditions. As for me, I am glad that the ice age ended and officials started putting schools near people. My brother and I still had to walk uphill. But only one way. And we had lots of fun on those long walks home.

© 2008 Michael T. Miyoshi

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From Long Walks Home or Pee on Poo, Potty on the Shoe, unpublished.



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