Christmas 2008 · 25 December 2008

I love Christmas.

I still get up early every year just like when I was a kid. Well, maybe not quite as early. After all, five o’clock is plenty early. And no, I do not go down and shake all the presents to see what they are. I just get up and do my normal routine. It is nice to have that quiet time. Just like every day. But it is Christmas and I can hardly wait for the kids to get up.

For our family, the presents are not the most important aspect of Christmas. Sure, they are up there on the list, but I think the giving is getting to be more important than the getting. The kids love to see the looks on the faces of their brothers when they open each other’s presents. And they like the tradition of going to shop with my wife or me to get those gifts. Even if they get a present for themselves while they are at it.

One of my favorite traditions actually happens on Christmas Eve. Usually, we go to church for Christmas Eve service. We love to sing Christmas carols and see our church family. Then we come home and light our own advent wreath candles, including the Jesus candle. We read the story of Christmas from a kid Bible and sing a few songs. Then, the kids get ready for Santa and everybody goes to sleep.

Of course, I wake up first. And since I already wrote the end at the beginning, I can wrap this up. So to speak. Besides, the kids are about to get up and then the mayhem starts.

I know that it is not the best piece of writing that I have ever written, but I could not let Christmas go by without some special piece. After all, Christmas is more than a holiday. It is a Holy Day. At least for me and my family. And the best present of all is just the presence of God and my family around the Christmas tree.

I love Christmas.

© 2008 Michael T. Miyoshi

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