Cowboy Boots · 15 February 2007

I do not know if all kids like cowboy boots but I sure did. I remember having a pair of red boots when I was around five and wearing them everywhere. I had a matching cowboy hat too. But the chaps were what really completed the ensemble. Okay. I probably really just remember seeing the pictures of me wearing them. But I do remember wanting cowboy boots pretty much all my life. As a matter of fact, I got a new pair of boots to wear at my wedding almost 11 years ago. They were and still are black.

As a kid, having grown up stuff or just playing grown up is something that helps us to actually grow up. It is great fun too. I remember watching my brother, Scott, walking around with Dad’s wingtips on and my sister, Marcie, wearing Mom’s dress up shoes and dress and scarf and wig. It was great to see them have fun playing dress up with our parents’ stuff. They had a great time playing dress up and the rest of the family had a great time watching them.

Now as a dad, I have a great time watching my kids walk around with my cowboy boots on. They do not necessarily play dress up but they enjoy putting on my stuff. My cowboy boots are their favorites. Naturally. Thomas is only six so when he wears my boots, they go most of the way up his thighs. He clomps around and just has a great time. I do not even think that he relates them to cowboys at all. To him, my boots are just the boots that Dad wears on Sundays to church. They are the boots that might stay downstairs in the living area long enough to clomp around in for a while. They are the boots that cause his mother and father to laugh with him as he tries to run and jump and just carry on.

Having children has shown me just what a joy cowboy boots can really be. My oldest son, Zachary, used to wear cowboy boots when he was little but I do not know that he wants them now. I do not know that his younger brothers want them at all. They just need access to mine so that they can clomp around being grown up. Or more probably to just get a few laughs from their parents. Cowboy boots were lots of fun as a youngster but they are even more fun now. Especially when the boots are adult size and the wearer is pint size. I love cowboy boots.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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