Inventory and Inspiration · 1 May 2009

A writer needs inventory like any other business person. At least if that writer is supposed to put out a piece of writing each week. And while I have no contractual obligation to do so, I continue to put forth writing each week. Even if it is unpolished. Even if it is drivel.

As I have said in a couple different columns, I am trying to put forth a body of work to finish up my 10,000 hours to become proficient. So if my quality suffers from time to time because I am trying to put out a weekly product, I am willing to suffer the consequences. If only to complete my course of study in the school of hard knocks.

In order to alleviate some of the pain in taking those hard knocks, I turn to my inventory of writing. Sometimes, like the past two summers, I have been fortunate enough to complete several columns a week to build up an inventory for the fall when I have little time to write. And sometimes, like today, I turn to other pieces I have done and in this case, even previously published (in Musings of a Mediocre Man).

Today, I turn to a piece about inspiration because I have not been very inspired to write. Which usually just means that I have not been writing enough. Or at all. So here is a short poem about inspiration. I turn to it as a piece of inventory and as future inspiration.


If to be inspired
    I must suffer pain and grief
Writing nevermore a poem
    Would be a great relief
If a broken heart and sadness
    Turns my mind to verse
No more poems from my heart
    Would be a welcome curse.

But poems also come from passion
    From feelings deep and strong
To turn my heart away from these
    Would surely do me wrong.
And though I may suffer broken hearts
    And pains more than a few
I’ll know true joy and happiness
    Deep love and passion too.

© 2009 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Inspiration from Musings of a Mediocre Man published September 2000.


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