Servefest 2009 Success · 22 August 2009

Servefest 2009 was a great success. The lack of church services at nine local churches provided the time, energy, and personnel to complete numerous community service projects in the Skykomish River valley area.

Washington State Representative Kirk Pearson (39th District) spoke to those who gathered at the fairgrounds to kickoff Servefest 2009. He spoke from the Bible as he talked about serving those around us. He said that we need to pray for our communities and our state. And that we need to work in our communities to make them better. Like we were doing participating in Servefest.

When we got to our project, I was disappointed that I did not bring my camera. But the picture of my three boys painting the door to the library at Frank Wagner Elementary School will remain in my mind forever. Each was concentrating and diligently brushing paint onto the door and entryway. They were not necessarily painting in unison, stroke for stroke, but their teamwork illustrated what we were trying to accomplish at our site and throughout the community. Unity and community.

The thirty-five people painting at Frank Wagner showed their love of Christ and the community with their smiles as well as their paint brushes and rollers. They even made sure that mischief was avoided. Or at least that a name on the ceiling near the library entry was washed off or painted over.

The people who were serving at Servefest made a difference in the community. At our site, people from the community lent helping hands. They painted a bit as they waited for friends to join for a day of games.

When all of the hours at all of the sites were added up, the total work done was the equivalent of a person working full time for more than a year. Over 2900 person hours were donated by approximately 750 volunteers – men, women, and children.

The festivities after the day of service was done were also full of smiles and laughter. People brought friends to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds to celebrate with them. They brought non-perishable food items (802 pounds) and cash donations ($571.87) for the foodbank. There was food, fun, bouncing, and music. Monroe City Councilman Kurt Goering was the master of ceremonies of the celebration saying grace and introducing the people who shared their Servefest experiences between music sets. People in the attendance talked about their days, caught up with friends, and enjoyed the sunshine. It was the perfect ending to a great day of service.

Servefest 2009 was a success. People served their communities. They served God. And they had fun doing it. When the day was done, the words of the Bible and of Representative Pearson were proved true. We can change the world one community at a time by serving God and each other.

Inward, Outward, Upward. The catch phrase of Servefest 2009 was realized by many. I can hardly wait for Servefest 2010.

© 2009 Michael T. Miyoshi

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