July 4, 2007 · 1 February 2007

Independence Day 2007 will have a special meaning for many students in Carnation and Duvall. It might be the last day of school.

Okay. So school can not be in session on a federal holiday. And I am sure the school board will do all it can to mitigate all the school closures this year. Still, if the snow keeps falling and the weather keeps up its crazy whims, we might still be in session in July this year (hopefully not). If so, it would be fitting that the last day be Independence Day.

I can imagine school picnics throughout the district. (It would be educational because interacting with others is at the least part of the subject of psychology.) Students and district employees and their extended family members could all come together at the different schools to celebrate not just the Independence Day of the country but of the students as well (teachers and other district employees would be there for at least several more days but would enjoy the pre-independence celebration).

I could see an abundance of food and games. At the high school, the only stoppage of celebration would be at the end of each period when roll would need to be taken. Students would need to stop their volleyball or softball or Frisbee games to find their next period teacher and be accounted for. It would be a time of signing yearbooks and saying goodbye to friends. Some just until September and some until we meet again. It could be a great time for all. I know that I am looking at this a bit Polly Anna-ishly but I guess that is just my nature.

At the end of the day, I can hear the Star Spangled Banner being played right before the “traditional” end of school song, “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper. I imagine not hearing any complaints from anybody. Then everybody would give their hugs and high fives, hoot and holler, and get in their cars or busses to wait to get out of the schools’ parking lots.

Nobody wants to be in school in July. Students and educators need a break. From each other at the very least. And even though we will not be at school on July 4th, Independence Day will have a special meaning for everybody in the Riverview School District this year. It will be a day of celebrating independence for the country and for the members of this community.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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