Nothing · 12 December 2009

I finished writing a piece, but it is not ready for prime time and may never be. So instead of taking the week off and disappointing my fans (both real and imaginary), I decided to put out a poem that I wrote long ago. It is fitting because the poem is about writing poetry when there is nothing to write about. It was first published in my book Musings of a Mediocre Man.


What does a poet write
When he has ought to say?
When he’s writing to be writing
Every single day?

Is he practicing to practice
Making verse and rhyme?
Or is he just writing to be busy
Spending all his time?

Does he think up silly sayings
That are witty and are cunning?
Can his verses take a turn
To joking and to punning?

But can a poet be a poet
When he’s writing something funny?
Or must you read his works with teary eyes
And a nose that is all runny?

Is he someone who writes verses
When he’s gotten in the mood?
Or is he someone who’s been writing
Even when the rhymes aren’t good?

So who can really say
Who is a poet and who’s not?
Is a poet one who’s published
Or can his works have been for naught?

If a poet is a person
Who writes poems every day,
Then we can read the thoughts he writes
When he has naught to say.

© 2009 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Poets from Musings of a Mediocre Man published September 2000.



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