Servefest 2010 · 1 August 2010

There are millions of needs in the world. After today, there will be one less.

The sign at church promoting Servefest 2010 and the promotional video on the official website (, say those encouraging words. Servefest is Sunday August 8, 2010. It is a day set aside by many churches in the area as a day to reach out and show their local communities that they care. That Jesus cares. “In the same way, let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) At least seven churches in the Monroe and Sultan areas are taking part in this year’s day to show the world that one group and indeed, one person, can make a difference.

This will be the 4th year of churches reaching out to their communities through Servefest. And still, nobody wants to take credit for what is happening. Everybody wants to give the glory to God. Everybody involved wants the communities to know that God loves them and so do the people in the churches.

The business community wants to get in on the action too. The Monroe chamber of commerce and stores in the involved towns are displaying Servefest posters to spur others into joining in serving and attending the celebration afterward. Some may even attend the local churches after helping meet community needs and joining the celebration at the Fairgrounds.

One of the leaders involved with organizing the projects said that it has become more difficult to find projects this year because many of the needs are capital as well as labor intensive. But this limiting factor will not prevent folks from being out of the pews and in the community joining in labors of love around the area.

One of the new aspects of Servefest 2010 is that some projects will be centered around helping individuals such as the elderly and widowed in the community. God makes it clear through His word that we are to take care of those who have a difficult time taking care of themselves. And that is what Servefest is all about. People in the community working with others in the community who need a little extra help.

Yes, there are millions of needs in the world. But if each individual could meet one, if each church could meet one, if each community could meet one, there would be one less. Servefest may just be one day of the year when local churches close their doors and go into the community to publicly serve God, but each day is a chance to serve God and the community. Join us in Servefest 2010 and throughout the year to help meet the millions of needs in the world. Help us meet one more need.

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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