Servefest 2010 – One More Need Met · 15 August 2010

There are millions of needs in the world. After Servefest 2010, there is at least one less.

On Sunday August 8, 2010 at about 11:30, a scene similar to the one described below was unfolding at several locations throughout the Skykomish valley. Servefest 2010 was beginning.

“My name is John and I am from Cascade Community Church. Let’s introduce ourselves and pray before we get to work.” Introductions were made, a prayer for blessing on the work being done and the workers was delivered, then people either ate their lunches or set about to do their service projects.

People from New Horizon, Monroe Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Monroe Faith Center, Monroe Covenant, Monroe Community Chapel, Christ Church Monroe, Crosswater Community Church, and Cascade Community Church, as well as other people throughout the community introduced themselves to each other at this year’s Servefest sites. They were at locations throughout the valley doing service projects to show the world, or at least the local communities, that Jesus loves them.

All these churches closed their doors for the day (or at least for the afternoon) and the people went to work to meet a few needs in the community. They pulled weeds, painted, cleaned, and did all sorts of necessary work for the diverse organizations, including Take the Next Step, the City of Monroe, and the Monroe School District. This year, individuals were also aided in the upkeep of their homes.

When the day was over, people celebrated at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. The mood was festive and people talked about the different projects they worked on. They caught up with friends and acquaintances, enjoyed worship music together, watched a video highlighting the day, and kids bounced and slid on blow up equipment. Some people still had paint-stained faces and sore bodies, but everybody was happy that they could do important work for God and the community. While everybody came from different local churches, in the end, they all proved that God’s one true church can make a difference in the world. Even if it is just meeting one need at a time. Then again, meeting one need at a time is the only way any of the millions of needs in the world get met.

I, for one, am glad that I was part of Servefest 2010. I am glad that I met a few more people who are part of God’s church. And I am glad that I helped meet one more need.

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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