Writing Mistakes · 3 October 2010

Apparently, I misspoke about my perfect and organic wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi. I do not think that she had a problem with me saying that she is close to perfect. She just did not like the fact that I put different shoes on her feet and said she used chemicals in her flowerbed. As a matter of fact, she was so incensed that she wrote comments on my website and on my Facebook fan page. It made me think that I should say something to appease her.

So here it is. I am sorry that I misspoke about The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi’s footwear and use of chemicals in her flowerbed. Even though it gave me something new to write about.

For some reason, my wife took exception to me saying that she wore Birkenstocks. I know that she had a pair. Or at least I thought she did until her insistence that I was wrong made me wonder. Still, it is mindboggling why she would be so incensed about her footwear. Maybe she does not want people to think that she is too organic or granola. At any rate, she does not currently have any Birkenstocks and I am sorry that I said she did.

When writing about the Perfect and Organic (and absolutely Mindboggling) Mrs. Miyoshi, I made an even bigger mistake than saying she wore Birkenstocks. She does not use any chemicals in the flowerbeds and only uses weed control chemicals in the lawn. I really should have known this. After all, I am usually the forced labor who hauls the manure to the flowerbeds (and I sometimes put the weed and feed on the lawn). I should know that the only stuff that ever goes into those beds is manure and bark. Sure, plants get added and moved all the time (again, with my forced labor), but no chemicals go into making her beautiful gardens. The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi takes pride in our yard and it bordered on sacrilege saying that she put chemicals into those marvelous flowerbeds. While I was baffled by her disgust about saying she wore Birkenstocks, I completely understood her ire about me saying her flowers were chemically enhanced.

I am truly sorry for the mistakes I made almost a month ago when I wrote about The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi being perfect and organic. (She really is pretty close to both perfection and organic-ness. And not just according to her.) But I am not sorry that I failed to consult her before I published the words for all to see. After all, she did read them. Even if it was almost a month after I wrote them. More than that, she commented on what I wrote to more than just me. She commented for all the world to see. Those comments were worth the ire and disgust.

In the end, I am glad that my wife got all fired up about something I wrote. I am just glad that she read something I wrote. I am truly sorry that I misspoke about her footwear and her use of chemical in the flowerbeds. And to save time later (in case she reads this), I will say I am sorry I wrote this piece too.

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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