Snug in Bed · 9 October 2010

I always thought it was just teenagers who liked to stay in bed all day. But my wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi, (who left those teenage years long ago) likes to stay up late and sleep in until all hours of the morning too. She does not usually get to stay up late and sleep in, but those are her druthers.

Our adolescents like to sleep in late. For our oldest, Thing 1, maybe it is the fact that he stays up until seemingly all hours of the night. I suppose that those late nights last year and through the summer could have been his training for those late night study sessions in college. Or maybe those late night video game sessions are more like it. Hopefully, Thing 1 will eventually get some studying done, but it boggles my mind that anybody would want to play video games all night and sleep away the morning. And the sunshine.

Our second child, Thing 2, is just entering puberty and wanting to sleep more. His body is growing and changing so it needs the rest. Of all the late sleepers in our house, I understand his need the most. I suppose that I was like both of our older kids when it comes to sleeping. I just do not remember staying up that late or sleeping in so long.

I definitely do not understand my wife’s desire to stay in bed so long. So maybe it is a female thing to want to sleep in. To be sure, women’s bodies are wired to get themselves ready for reproducing so they need that extra sleep. Maybe their bodies always need the extra rest even if they are done having babies. Of course, raising babies (yes, they will always be our babies) takes lots of energy too. However, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi admits that there are times when that need for rest is over and she just wants to stay in bed. She calls it wallowing.

I do not understand wallowing. Bed is for sleeping not laying there when the rest is over. Personally, I do not like to just hang out half asleep going in and out of dreamland. I need to get up when my body is rested. I have said many times that if my mind and body did not need to sleep, I would not do it at all. So wallowing is out of the question.

Besides wallowing, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi and all of our brood seem to think that the bed is a gathering place. I suppose that since she expects snuggles of some sort from the children as a greeting for the day and since there is a TV in the room set up for bedtime viewing, it can be expected that our bed would be a gathering place for the family. Long ago, when the children were much younger, I never realized that having our bed as a safe place for them would translate into it being a warm and snuggly place for when they got older too. I guess my wife’s brainwashing about the bed being a place for wallowing has permanently affected the children. Unfortunately, they think the place to wallow is our bed and not their own.

When all is said and done, I suppose that my wife could have worse habits and idiosyncrasies than lying in bed half asleep beyond the sunrise. She could have brainwashed the boys with worse things than thinking our bed is their place to wallow. Besides, we will not really know whether the brainwashing is permanent until the boys leave and get out on their own. When they have their own places and still come back to wallow in our bed, I am in trouble.

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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