No New Year’s Resolutions · 8 January 2011

I am not sure if it is sacrilegious, but I must admit that I do not make resolutions. It is not because I am afraid of either failure or success. It is simply because I like to think I am introspective enough to try to make changes all the time. I really try to change things that I see need fixing in my life or attitude as soon as I can. (Which, needless to say, is not always quick enough for my wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi.)

Even though I do not like to make or complete resolutions, I still think the new year is a time of renewal and new beginnings like the start of our church basketball league each January. We have a great time and even though I am not very good, I love to play. I love just getting out and running until my out-of-shape-ness catches up to me. Or in the case of a couple years ago, until I get hurt. This year, I have even tried to get into better shape by running a couple times a week and eating better. Which, of course, would be my resolutions each year if I made any.

I try not to have any real weight goals, but I do weigh myself on the Wii about once a week. Which, of course, makes it sound like I am lying about not having a weight goal. Or at least sort of lying. I really do just want to be fit, which as just about every book and coach will tell you does not necessarily mean being a certain weight. So I try to keep the weight goal out of my mind. I just want to run for more time and more distance. I just want to be able to run as I get older. I just want to keep playing basketball into my fifties and beyond. I just want the saying, “I’m not getting older, just better,” to be true in my life. So while I do have a weight goal in mind, I try to keep it out of the forefront.

Eating is another story. The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi has told me time and again how disgusted she is that I am so doggone disciplined. But I do not totally agree with her. Yes, I do what I need to do when it needs to get done in many, if not most, areas of my life, but when it comes right down to it, being disciplined takes work. And sometimes, I am just not willing to work very hard. I like to be lazy sometimes. And I like to eat.

Being disciplined at eating is a losing proposition for me. I just love to eat and eat and eat. I do not overeat all the time, but when I do, I really overeat. Pot lucks, desserts, and holiday meals are the worst for me. I have a PhD when it comes to food – everything really is Piled Higher and Deeper. The food, that is. Nothing escapes my notice at those special meals and I need to try at least one of everything. I have been getting better, though. I try to take smaller helpings and not pile the food so high on the plate, but it is tough when there is so much good food just waiting to be eaten.

I also have a problem with leftovers. Nobody else eats them in our house so I get the privilege of eating them all. Sometimes, there are so many leftovers that it takes a while, but I get it done. I hate to throw away food, so I feel I must eat it all. I am getting better at that too. At least I am trying not to eat all the leftover food on my kids’ plates before or after they have been cleared from the table.

I am glad for the new beginnings the new year brings. I am happy that I can work to get more fit and more disciplined about my eating. Mostly, I am glad that I have finished another year of more blessings than I could ever imagine. Regardless of whether I ever become truly fit or more disciplined in eating, I know that I have friends and family who love me and will be there regardless of whether I accomplish my goals or not.

Happy New Year! I hope that you attain all your resolutions. Whether you admit to making them or not.

© 2011 Michael T. Miyoshi

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