Hostess™ Test · 19 April 2007

I do not know what most people do when their kids do not know the difference between Hostess Cup Cakes and a Ding Dongs, but my wife decided to have a taste and product recognition test for our boys who mistook one for the other.

The baseball players had gotten Hostess Cup Cakes for their after-game snack and both Peter, who is actually on the team, and his younger brother, Thomas, had those wonderful desserts on our way home from the game. Actually, the Cup Cakes did not make it to the parking lot and since the wrappers were back in the trash cans by the field, when the kids said that they had enjoyed their Ding Dongs, we could only tell them that they were mistaken. They insisted that they had eaten Ding Dongs and since kids know everything about everything, we did not continue to argue. Instead, we just let them carry on about their Cup Cakes. Little did I know that we would soon be having a Hostess™ Test.

The day after the game, my wife, Lisa, went out and bought Ding Dongs so that the kids would know that they had eaten Cup Cakes the evening before. But she did not stop there. She also got Twinkies, Sno Balls, and Zingers to fill out the menu and give everybody a sugar rush.

Now, before you judge Lisa too harshly, she did cut up the hors d’oeuvres (we had them before dinner) before serving them. And since the test was also a product recognition primer, she noted each product before the whole family “tested” each sample. The only missing touches were little product tags on each piece of dessert and fine china. It was great! Even though not everybody enjoyed all of the treats.

Thomas and I are not big coconut fans so we did not eat much of the Zingers and Sno Balls. I ate one bite of the Zinger then, after discovering it had coconut, gave the rest to our oldest son, Zachary, who also got at least some of Thomas’s Sno Ball portion. Interestingly enough, Zachary seemed to forget that he does not like coconut and ate everything on his plate plus any unwanted treats on anybody else’s. Of course, he is 15 and eats more of everything these days. After giving up my Zinger, I took a bite of my half Twinkie and remembered why I do not eat them anymore (they are too sweet) so Zachary got most of my portion of that as well.

Peter ate everything. He likes coconut and chocolate and cake. Not only did he get to eat his own helpings, he ate those that his mom did not eat as well.

While our Hostess treats may not have been the most nutritious hors d’oeuvres, we had a fun family time that even without this column I am sure we will all remember. We sat around the table and discussed the merits of each dessert as we ate. When it was all over, I think Ding Dongs were everybody’s favorite.

I am not sure if the kids will remember which desserts are Ding Dongs and which ones are Cup Cakes but we had lots of fun with our Hostess™ Test. Still, I can not help but think that one day the kids will eat Cup Cakes and say, “What great Ding Dongs!” as they wink at each other. Then their mom will roll her eyes and we will need to have another test.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Published 26 June 2007 in The Monroe Monitor & Valley News


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