Bubbles · 26 April 2007

You can entertain a whole neighborhood of kids for about 5 dollars. Just get a gallon of bubbles and some bubble making apparatuses. You can make big and small bubbles that the kids will enjoy for seemingly hours on end.

The kids will not care if you make any of the big bubbles but the bigger the bubbles, the bigger the applause and recognition. There are lots of different ways to get those big bubbles but if you are as cheap as I am, you can use a coat hangar and a large container to make huge bubbles instead of buying something premade. A couple summers ago, my sister got some rope thingy (yes, that is the technical term) that made huge bubbles. They were some of the biggest bubbles I had ever seen. Our kids and everybody else around enjoyed them immensely.

Not only will bubbles entertain the neighbor kids, dogs love to chase them too. Or at least, our dog does. She chases and barks at the bubbles first and if they get to close to the ground, she jumps up to bite them and makes them disappear. I do not know exactly what the draw for dogs is but our dog will bark and bark to be let into the fun if she is not invited.

Watching kids and dogs play with bubbles is great entertainment. I like to see how the kids share. They really do not care who makes the bubbles. They just want bubbles. The young kids just watch at first to see the magic of bubbles being made. As the older kids make bubbles, the little ones and our dog chase them. If the bubbles land on the ground, they like to pop them by stomping on them (or biting if it is the dog). On a spring or summer day, the kids shoot them with squirt guns even after the water is gone.

Sometimes, enjoying bubbles is not so active. Sometimes, the kids like to just watch the bubbles float away. I have seen my wife blow bubbles with kids by her side. They all just watch as the sun strikes the bubbles and makes rainbows. All the while, the bubbles are being whisked away by the gentlest breeze. As the long floaters escape, seemingly to the stratosphere, everybody points as the bubbles go higher and higher. It is a wondrous sight for all.

The greatest thing about bubbles is that everybody can get involved. Regardless of how many bubble blowing thingamajigs (yes, another technical term) there are, everybody can take a turn making or chasing or just watching the bubbles. I love to see the joy on everybody’s faces as kids in the neighborhood come out to have fun with bubbles. And if a gallon of bubbles is less than 5 dollars, it is just pennies for each smile.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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