Frosty and Santa · 10 December 2011

For some reason (against my will), Frosty and Santa are occupying our front yard this Christmas. We would not even have them at all except that our friends left them here when they moved to California. The extra couple cubic feet they would occupy literally would not fit into their moving vehicles and trailer when they left, so we have their blow up monstrosities in our front yard. I must admit, though, even though I would rather have a nativity scene, I suppose Frosty and Santa are okay. And they might even get an invitation for an encore next year.

If I had my druthers, I would probably have left the Santa (in his RV) and the ginormous Frosty in the garage. Unfortunately, my wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi, wanted them adorning our house. So out they came and landed in the front yard for the whole world (or at least our neighborhood) to admire.

There are those who love the inflatable lawn figures and it seems that they all live in our neighborhood. I suppose that I like them, too. As long as they are living in somebody else’s yard. It is not that I dislike Frosty and Santa, I would just rather have the nativity scene to let people know we celebrate the true reason for the season. As a matter of fact, if my wife had been able to find a suitable Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in the last 15 year (and if we had any space to store them), we would have had them out front during Christmas every year instead of this year’s Santa and Frosty.

We do have another good reason for having those huge blow-up figures out in the front yard. Santa and Frosty are reminders of our dear friends who departed for warmer climes. When I said that I did not want the figures adorning our yard, the Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi jokingly suggested that we ask our neighbors who live in the old house if we could put them up there. Ruling that out she suggested that we put up Frosty at another friend’s house as a practical joke. Neither of these options would really help us remember our friends more (which does not really matter as they seem to come up in conversation all the time anyway). Still, remembering our friends is probably the biggest reason we have Santa and Frosty out in the front yard. And if it rains much this year, we will have a great reminiscing of last year’s Christmas with friends.

Santa lives in an Airstream trailer and has a couple reindeer friends peeking out the windows. Every so often, Santa himself opens the trailer door and pops his head out. He does not speak, but you can almost hear him laugh, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Last year, after a downpour, Santa was a little worse for wear. He was keeping his head out of the door at a very low angle. It actually looked as if he had been to a raucous Christmas Eve party and had had too much to drink. We wondered if he was clearing his system when we saw him hanging out his door. We all laughed at the seemingly drunk Santa in front of our friends’ house. If it rains this year, I am sure we will have a repeat performance and more remembering.

I know I said that Frosty and Santa are monstrosities (Frosty is at least 12 feet tall), but I think that they are growing on me. My family and I still know the reason for the season even if we do not have the nativity scene out front. So with all the memories that they bring, Frosty and Santa will probably make it out to the front yard again year after year. If that does happen, I will still always claim it is against my will.

© 2011 Michael T. Miyoshi

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