Hornswoggled · 14 January 2012

I was hornswoggled. I went to the library to see if this writer, Bernadette Pajer, had anything useful to say about writing or publishing and to meet a few other writers. I was only going to stay a few minutes to see what was happening. And then, BAM! I was signed up to be in a writing group.

Before I went to the writing group, I never realized that other people think about writing. Or study about writing. Personally, I have read quite a bit about writing. I have even talked about writing a lot. Just usually not with other people. It was refreshing to know that other people think about writing as much or more than I do. That other people study to learn how to write better. That other people want to gather together to become better writers. I guess that is why I am ready to go back for more.

The other thing I realized from the writing group was that I need support for my writing. When I sat and listened to all these local writers talk about their projects and passions I found that I needed their thoughts and insights. There were unpublished and published writers in the group. There were newbs and accomplished writers. There were poets and song writers and screenwriters and novelists meeting together. All we talked about was writing and what a writing group was all about. I was excited that I had found this group and eager to learn from everybody. But I was still not sure about the whole writing group thing.

As we sat and talked about our craft, I realized that writing can be a lonely endeavor. But it does not need to be. By meeting once a week or so and keeping in touch electronically, we can support and help each other. At least that is what our writing group taught me.

Even though I am ready to go back again, I am not sure what to expect from our little group. We talked about having discussion topics and critiques and timed writes. We talked about projects and passions. We talked about writing. Fortunately, we did not talk about attendance policies. And we were not required to sign any blood oaths. I am glad, because the others might have kicked me out had they known I would not be there much in the spring and fall. Still, I hope that I have something to offer my fellow writing practitioners.

I am glad that I checked out the Monroe Wednesday Writers for I am sure we will all gain from our time together. I am glad that I did more than poke my head in the door to see what was happening. And I am glad that I met Bernadette Pajer and the other writers there. I guess I gained much from going to my first writing group meeting. In the end, I guess I was not hornswoggled.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Published 14 February 2012 in The Monroe Monitor & Valley News


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