Trapped · 28 January 2012

Photo by Lisa C. Miyoshi

Some people felt they were trapped during the recent snow storm. Oh sure, not many people roamed the streets because we are relative snow wimps here in Western Washington. But trapped? While our family did stay home for the duration, we never felt like we were trapped. When we were not playing in the snow, we read, played lots of video games, and enjoyed each others’ company.

Everybody in our house always has a book to read all the time. Actually, we all have our own stacks of reading material. During the school year, I do not go through my stack very quickly. Many books even go back to the library unread. Still, we do have our books. During the storm, we happened to have a book called Everything Scrabble. It is a useful book in our house since we like to play the game. My wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi, and Thing 2 kept that book warm and it seemed to lie still only when everybody was asleep. The book even had us pull out tiles and do some of the puzzles too. Everything Scrabble was probably the reason we played the game.

One of the chapters in the Scrabble™ book was about Bingos. A Bingo in Scrabble™ is when a player uses all seven tiles from her hand on a turn. The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi lamented that she had not gotten one. Then, we played a game during the snow storm. My wife has won many games of Scrabble™, but she whipped us during Snowpocolypse. Her first ever Bingo was the only one scored during the game and kept her ahead the whole way. She did not do her usual winner’s dance to mock her opponents, but was rather subdued in her big win. She must have been saving it up for her video game wins.

It must have been The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi’s week for winning. Besides winning at Scrabble™, she won all the video games too. Or at least it seemed like it. She did her woot wooting and victory dance when she beat everybody at Thing 2’s new game, Fortune Street™. It is a game like Monopoly, but it takes longer. Still, it was a fun game that we played several times while we were hemmed in by the snow.

When we were not out in the snow, reading, or playing games, our family just enjoyed each other’s company. We ate lots of meals together including several Saturday-like breakfasts. Most Saturdays I make pancakes. During the snow days, we had French toast, eggs, and pancakes on different days. I guess it was fitting since everyday seemed like Saturday in many ways. Sitting down to several meals a day is always a great way to spend time together and so we ate and enjoyed each other. It was great, especially since we have not had much family time lately.

I must admit it was good to get back to work when Snowpocolypse was over. The routine and just getting out of the house was somehow refreshing. I suppose it was a break from too much reading, video games, and togetherness. Still, I loved the time our family got to spend together. And unlike other folks, I never felt like we were trapped.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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