Preemptive Plea · 3 March 2012

I have not taken too much advice on my writing, except to keep doing it. As a matter of fact, those who have encouraged me, are probably surprised I have gone on so long. (They might even be ruing the day they when they said I should keep writing.) Still, even though I have not always taken good advice, I can learn from my mistakes. I can enlist my readers to lobby to keep me in the printed newspaper.

One of the greatest bits of wisdom I have ever received from a writer was to stick to one type of writing, one genre. He said it would help me to define myself and would be how I got noticed. Unfortunately, I could not follow his advice. I have both fiction and non-fiction in me. There is poetry and song in my heart. I even have too much variety to muse about so that editors cannot stick me into a specific type of column. I wish I was able to follow the great wisdom and stick to one type of writing, but I am too stubborn or too silly to do so. However, there are a couple pieces of wisdom I have been able to follow.

I have kept my day job. Even though I sometimes wonder if I am affecting my students in a positive way, I know that I am supposed to be there. I know that God has put me in my classroom to be a positive influence on young people. I do my best to see that they learn about life and maybe a little about the subjects I am trying to teach them.

Besides working to live, I have kept my day job because I also live to work. I love my job. Even if I was not getting paid, I would probably still teach. I love it when a student finds his or her passion. I love the excitement of learning and creating. And I love trying to infuse a little enthusiasm for learning into the lives of my students. I keep my day job because I love it and it is sound advice for most novice writers.

The other piece of wisdom I have followed and will continue to follow applies to all of life. Keep it up. We need to keep doing what we love regardless of any reward. Perceived or otherwise. I am a writer. I write because I must. Writing is like eating dessert to me. Life would not cease without it, but it would be emptier. Or maybe it would cease. I am just not willing to find out.

I encourage my students and everybody I meet to do what they love. I tell them to follow their passions. And when I get the chance, I tell them to encourage others to do the same. Which brings me to my plea.

Everybody needs encouragement from time to time. Even though I am doing what I love, I still need those occasional pats on the back. More importantly, editors need to know that writers are getting encouragement from readers. So dear readers, I would ask that you encourage the editor to keep running my column. Or even to drop it. I was dropped before because there was no feedback either way. So I appreciate any feedback.

This plea is technically for my real readers and not the imaginary ones. (Then again, having imaginary readers plead to keep me in the newspaper is not a bad idea. Real readers could write letters to the editor telling her what they think of me and add sister Sally or Aunt Susie to the signatures. Dogs and cats and other domestic animals might also put in their two cents or at least have their paw or hoof prints added.)

But seriously folks, make a little preemptive plea and ask the editor to keep me in the paper. I know I am not always funny or serious. I know I do not have a cohesive theme except being a normal guy musing about different subjects. And I do know good advice when I hear it whether I take it or not.

I know I just got back into the newspaper so let the editor know she should keep me. Or not. Either way, I will keep taking the best advice I was ever given about any endeavor – I will keep writing. Whether or not I am in any newspapers. Or have any real readers.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. Keep it up “Mediocre Man,” who by the way is anything but mediocre! I enjoy reading your random musings when I can. It is the fact that you write from your heart that makes it so different and “out of the box.” It takes talent to write like you do! By all means, keep your day job, but keep the dessert too, with plenty of whipped cream, and a cherry on top!

    — Karen Peden · 3 March 2012, 09:06 ·

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