My Mom · 10 May 2007

I am a self-admitted geek. I love gadgets. I teach high school students how to use computers. One of my students even gave me the dubious title, King of Geeks. I never really thought about it until recently but I get that from my mom. My mom is a geek too.

My mom is married to an engineer but she would look as natural with a pocket protector as my dad did when he wore one. She was the one who talked my dad into getting one of the first personal computers made for the average consumer. We got a PCjunior when I was in high school in the 80s. She thought it would be good for us to enter the computer age with the front runners. That little computer did not do much but it was cool because I was able to use it to practice some of the programming skills I was learning in high school.

As computers got better and better, my mom was and is still always trying to keep up with technology. She is the one who complains when her computer is too slow to run the programs that she wants. She is the one who needed a wireless network in her house. If she had a computer in the kitchen, I could see her instant messaging my dad to come for dinner even though he would just be in the room down the hall.

Mom is not just into computers. She just likes gadgets. While it is commonplace for teenagers and most young adults to have and use cell phones all the time, I do not know that many sixty-year olds who say, “Just call me on my cell.” One time I called my mom on her landline and it took her two weeks to check the message. She just shrugged (I could hear that over the phone) and said, “You should have called me on my cell.”

Mom’s other big gadget that she got recently is her sewing machine. This is no ordinary sewing machine. It can sew all by itself. All you need to do is plug it into a computer. Naturally. There are other things it does but what my mom has been doing is getting pictures onto her computer and trying to get them into a program on her sewing machine which will then sew those pictures onto fabric. She makes cool personalized stuff for people. And then says that her sewing machine did it all.

If I am indeed the King of Geeks as declared by my former student, it is because my mom is the Queen Mother of Geeks. Some people might not think it the best tribute to give my mom on Mother’s day but I think it fitting. After all, she is a self-admitted technology fanatic. And she likes a little bit of attention now and again. So happy mother’s day mom. You are not only Queen Mother of Geeks but the queen of my heart.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Published 10 May 2007 in The RiverCurrentNews


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