Don’t Just Say It, Do It · 28 October 2012

We all need to stop talking about whatever it is we want to do and just go out and do it. Whatever “it” is – skydiving, traveling, running, getting in shape, painting, or learning something new. Of course, we need to be responsible. After all, spending money we do not have is usually disastrous. But when it comes right down to it, we need to quit making excuses and start doing the things we say we always wanted to do.

For me, “it” has always been writing and getting in shape.

For many years before I started writing this blog, I had said I wanted to be a writer. I dabbled at it, writing essays and such every once in a while. (One even got published in The Seattle Times long ago.) Then, I met a pesky friend who challenged me, “If you really want to be a writer, then write.” So I did.

I wrote every week and submitted the pieces to the local newspapers. I even got a few published. Then, my pesky friend proceeded to help me set up my website and I started putting out a finished piece every week. I was really writing. Even if it was only to a small audience of a few real and imaginary readers.

Now, over five years later, I have decided that I do not have enough projects and need a new challenge. I decided that I need to change my body. Of course, I had to write about the process, so I started a new blog about my healthy journey. (Actually, I believe God conspired against me and tricked me into starting the blog, but you can read more about it at

This new blog is not just a weekly. I am writing and posting six days a week! Sure, some of the pieces are very short, but they are finished. And they are out there for the whole world (or at least my real and imaginary readers) to see. It is really a crazy endeavor, but the circumstances were too compelling to ignore.
A big piece of the writing puzzle was just talking about it.

Even though I believe God conspired against me to write this new blog, I really should not have told our writing group that I wanted to do a serial. I should not have said I wanted to do what Dickens or Dumas or any number of writers have done and put out fiction in small chunks for periodicals. Or maybe that is the key to doing what we want to do. After all, words have power. Maybe we really just need to say it enough so that we finally convince ourselves it is worth pursuing.

Now I know I am not putting out great prose for the world to marvel at. (I really was not comparing myself to some great masters even though I mentioned their names.) And unless you are my wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi, you probably realize that what I am doing here is not fiction. But I am writing and finishing pieces on a weekly (and even daily) basis and letting readers decide what is worthwhile. I am doing what I have always said I wanted to do. I am writing.

I know I will not be the poster child for just going out and doing it, but I do know that I am doing what I have always said I want to do. I am getting in shape and I am writing and publishing.

We all talk about things we want to do, but it is time to quit saying it. We need to go out and just do it.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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