Any Idiot Can Blog · 26 January 2013

I am proof positive that any idiot can blog. The amazing thing is that I got this validation from the pulpit.

Our pastor was talking about people spouting off online when he said in no uncertain terms, “Any idiot can blog.” He did not mean to demean or flatter me specifically, but he did. Flatter me that is. As a matter of fact, I took his words so much to heart that I had to write about them.

Pastor Nate was talking about taking offense when he said his inspiring words. He was telling us that we all take offense too easily. His message was that even when we are truly hurt by people and might have the right to take offense, we ought not. Instead, we should let God work in our lives for His purpose.

Pastor Nate’s poignant comment about blogging came early in his message. He said it is easy to take potshots at people, but we need not take those potshots to heart. After all, any idiot can blog.

(I was truly excited by those words. So much so that I had to write them down so I would not fixate on them instead listening to the message. I wrote the quote so I would not write this blog post in my head during the sermon.)

Logically, if any idiot can blog and I am an idiot, then I can certainly blog. Conversely, this blog is proof positive that I am an idiot. After all, who would write a weekly blog for over five years with no compensation save a few comments every now and then? Only an idiot. Who would make fun of himself by telling the world stories of his own foibles and follies? Only an idiot. And who would think that when the pastor said, “Any idiot can blog,” he was singling him out in a good way? Only an idiot.

Please dear readers (both real and imaginary) do not get incensed on my behalf by Pastor Nate’s words. Do not think that I am blasting him with sarcasm. Instead, rest assured. I am not. I truly was giddy when I heard the words. I was excited. I felt vindicated and reassured.

Actually, I was just excited that I could have a fun post to write when Pastor Nate said from the pulpit, “Any idiot can blog.” I knew he was not pointing his finger at me. He has told me on numerous occasions that he likes my writing. He even has enough confidence in my character and writing ability that he does not need to see them first if I am going to post something about him. (I hope that is still true because I never sent him a draft of this one.)

When it comes right down to it, I do not really think I am an idiot. Even though, like everybody else, I do some idiotic things. Nor do I think that Pastor Nate was talking about me when he told the world (listen to the podcast) that any idiot can blog. Instead, I was happy to get a funny blog title and topic. I was excited to write about and point to an appropriate message for all people about not taking offense or holding onto hurts. And I was ecstatic that I could be proof positive to what will surely become an adage: Any idiot can blog.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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