Free Write · 23 June 2013

My friend said that his teacher, Sister Barbara Anne would be proud if I did a free write and posted it. So here it is.

I am not even sure who Sister Barbara Anne is, but she is somebody important to Mike and his education. I know that he did not go to catholic school so she could not be the one who smacked his knuckles with a ruler when he was bad. That would be his public school teachers. They were the ones who saw his dad down at the local watering hole and told him what Mike was doing at school. They were the ones who determined what extra work he had to do on Saturday.

This free write thing is pretty tough. I do plan on fixing some of the typos that occur, but that backspace is pretty useful so I keep hitting it. I never realized how much editing I do when I write. I cannot just write, write, write. I backspace, backspace, backspace whenever I make an error which is quite often. I try and try and try to stop, but it is not an easy process. But perhaps I will finish this free write and come up with something whimsical.

Whimsical, he says. Mike says that he likes it when I write something whimsical. He giggles. He even posts something on my Facebook fan page when I write something whimsical. I am not even sure what he means by that but I suppose free writing should fit the bill.

So what should I really focus on here in my free writing? I am not sure there is anything that fits. Everything and nothing is fair game in a free write. Things should just come to mind and I should write about them. I should not backspace anymore and just let the ideas flow. Then something coherent might slip out and produce something readable. I doubt it. But at least there might come an idea who makes it to the website.

Speaking of my website. I got the notion from God that I just need to keep being mediocre. I need to just keep writing my mediocre whimsical stuff and let the chips fall where they may. Not that any chips are falling my way, but at least I am writing. I am posting. I am doing what I love to do. I may not be getting any more fans, but I am writing. I am getting my portfolio ready for when any publisher says I might be ready for the big time. But even if not a soul comes to tell me I am ready for the general public to read my writing. I will keep posting.

I am about done with this free writing thing. It is not a great exercise for me since I keep hitting the wrong keys on my computer. I have no idea what I was thinking except that maybe an idea would come that hits the mark for me today. I look back at the writing I have done so far and see that many words are not readable. I see red and green underlines that tell me I have many mistakes. Mistakes that I will fix to make it readable, but not the words and thoughts themselves. It is odd that the computer fixed a few words to make them not what I originally thought I was saying either. That is a bit annoying, but I can deal with it.

I am not sure why Sister Barbara Anne would be proud, but here is the finished free write. I hope I was whimsical enough.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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