My Three Things · 14 July 2013

There are three things that make me smile – Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 – my three sons. They are like a trio of superheroes. Or super villains.

It seems that every kid wants to be a superhero at sometime in his or her life. At least boys do. Or at least I did.

I wanted to be Batman as a young boy. Superman was cool, but Batman had all the gadgets. And a great car. Everybody wanted to ride in the Batmobile. Besides, everybody knows that Batman could beat up Superman. He would just need to have a bit of Kryptonite with him and maybe some cool exoskeleton and it would be lights out for the man of steel.

When I grew up (or at least got older), I wanted adamantium claws and a mutant healing factor. I wanted to be Wolverine. (I know. My favorite superheroes live in two different universes, but that is just the way things go.) I also liked the fact that Wolverine was more than just a mutant berserker. He was a warrior. He had even trained in Japan.

Nowadays, I still like both Batman and Wolverine, but my favorite superheroes are my three sons.

I was thinking about this the other day as I spied a picture of them with upside down McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes on their heads. They were just sitting there posing for me all those years ago, but that picture and memories of my young boys makes me laugh. Maybe Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 ought to be called the Smiling Samurai because just thinking about them makes me smile. Or they could be a team of super villains called the Terrible Trio because they like to give me grief and heartburn when they pick on me. Or I suppose they could just be The Three Things.

At any rate, regardless of how much joy and grief my kids give me, they are still my boys. They are worthy of superhero status in my book. At least most of the time.

As I sit here thinking about superheroes and super villains, I cannot help but think of what one of my friends and faithful readers would have to say about what I just wrote.

First, he would make a wretching sound and say, “Gag me with a Ginsu.” Then, he would make up some unimaginative name for me like Smarmy Man or Captain Smarmy. Then, “Sheesh Miyoshi, why do you always have to be so positive? And smarmy?” would be the next words to come out of his mouth. You see, my friend and arch nemesis is called I Am So Mister Negative That You Just Need To Shut Up And Get Out Of Here Man. I just like to call him Sunshine.

Actually, I just made that up, but if we were sitting in the lunchroom instead of me being at my computer and him being rehabilitating from surgery or getting ready for surgery or just being in pain waiting for surgery, we probably would have made up those names. And he has already called me smarmy enough times that I am sure Captain Smarmy or Smarmy Man would be his choice of superhero names for me.

I am not sure how I digressed so far from what was sure to be a wonderful blog post about my sons being so wonderful and life being so wonderful and all my friends being so wonderful and superheroes being so wonderful. (Was that a wretching sound?) But life really is good.

My kids might not really be superheroes (or super villains), but they do bring me laughter. They are three things that make me smile.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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