Traveling Through Time and Space · 15 September 2013

Traveling through time and space is and has always been a reality. I just never realized it until I thought about writing.

I know. It is really a misleading title, but when I really stopped to think about writing, and blogging in particular, I know that we can travel in time and space. Or at least we can project ourselves in time and space.

It is easy to see how writing can take us back to the past. Or show us a possible future. The same can be said of space. We can travel to far away lands or deep into outer space. All we need to do is read. Or write. The thing about writing is that when we go to other times and places, we can take others with us. Of course, that is the simple, cheater way to travel in time and space.

I have experienced a different kind of travel as a blogger.

Most writers find a comfy spot to write and write from that same spot all the time. With the advent of laptops and tablet devices, that favorite spot might not even be at home. Writers are free to merely choose an ambience instead of a place. A quiet library. A noisy café. A crowded coffee house. Or just a cozy chair. And those who still write with pen and paper (or even quill and parchment) can write wherever there is a flat surface and some light. No electricity needed. The point is that writers can write anywhere. And at any time.

Personally, I usually write my blog from the comfort of my own home sitting at my desktop computer. I find it difficult to write on a tablet and I rarely have a sharpened quill at hand. So as long as the power is on, I use the computer to write. I only resort to pen and paper when the power is out. Or when we are away from home.

I know it sounds silly that I would consider writing at a different location or posting at a different time than the post date really equivalent to time travel, but I do. It is silly, but it seems logical that when a blogger posts his material before the release date, he is traveling to the future. And when he posts it from somewhere other than his home base, he is traveling through space.

I have done both. I have posted while away from home and I have posted before and after the date I said I posted. I have traveled through time and space to make sure my readers have something to read on the day I say I am going to have something ready.

The only time I have ever posted after the post date was when I first began. Or when I had something historical to post. I posted a few things from before I started my website. I traveled back in time to give them the proper dates of when they were written. Or sometimes even printed.

I am sorry that I pulled the old bait and switch. I did not really talk about true travel through time and space. But I really do believe that it has been possible since before the dawn of the written word. I really do believe that when we write, we can take ourselves and others on journeys through time and space. I really do believe that traveling through time and space has always been a reality.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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