Not Much of a Fan · 11 January 2014

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It is probably not the best day to admit it, but I am not much of a sports fan.

Today is a day when the streets in Seattle and surrounding areas will be deserted. At least once the game starts. After all, everybody will be watching the big game. Well, not everybody.

While I am sure to watch some of the game, I cannot sit and watch professional sports much anymore. I can barely watch any sports on TV for that matter. Part of it is because we got rid of our cable, but the big part is that I do not really enjoy watching other people play.

I used to be a big sports fan. Actually, just a big football fan. We would sit around and watch football on Sundays when we were kids and root for the home team. Those teams were the Broncos and the Seahawks. At different times of course.

Back then we would be riveted to the game, rooting and cheering. But as soon as it was over, we would go outside and pretend to be the players we had just been watching. We would run around and have a great time playing the game. The watching inspired us to be active.

Nowadays, I would rather just go do something than watch somebody else do something. I would rather play a game than watch a game. Football or any sport. So while everybody else is watching professional athletes beat each others’ brains in for a chance to move on in the playoffs for a chance to play in the Superbowl, I will probably be doing something else. Maybe even playing some game.

I must admit though, I will probably watch some of the game. I might even actually root for the home team. And if they make it to the Superbowl, I might even watch most of the game and hoot and holler like a madman. Or at least root like a lukewarm fan.

I know it is not fashionable to be so blasé about professional sports. Especially, when the home team is in the hunt. But I will continue to ignore most of the hoopla. I will continue to not have any sports team paraphernalia or attire. I will continue to love playing and resist watching as long as I have breath in me. And yes, I will even continue to admit, even on days when it not prudent to do so, that I am not much of a sports fan.

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