Ludicrous Man · 26 July 2014

I know a man who some have suggested be called Prolific Man.

I was at our writing group a few weeks ago when one of the writers was boasting about all the projects he had going. In fact, he said that he was planning on finishing and publishing ten digital books this summer. Everybody was flabbergasted by the thought of somebody actually having that many books ready to put out in any form. That was actually when one of the other writers said that he ought to call himself Prolific Man.

Personally, I thought the guy ought to call himself Ludicrous Man. After all, it was a ludicrous statement. If he published one book a week during the summer, that would be about ten. Nobody has that many projects in the proverbial queue. At least nobody I know.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought that he ought to be called Just Bragging Man. He was showing off to his writing friends. After all, here he was showing up after months of absences telling everybody that he was ready to put out ten books on Amazon. Ten! That is a lot of books for even the most prolific writer. Which is, of course, why one of his peers dubbed him Prolific Man.

Not that I was counting, but Prolific Man said that he had at least two collections of writings that were either done or almost done. Then, there were three or four screenplays and a collection of shorts. And apparently, he had some other book that needed some polishing as well. I held up my fingers and decided that only added up to seven. So in my mind, I dubbed him Cannot Count Man. Which fit him too. (After all, I have heard his wife say that about him for years.)

But then I thought about it some more. The guy already has three digital books out there, so maybe he was just going to make his total ten. That had to be it. After all, seven new projects plus the three published ones would be ten. So he really ought to have been named Inflation Man or Maybe I Really Cannot Count Man.

Of course, I think his real name is most fitting. (Even though people sometimes think it a misnomer.)

If you have not already figured it out, MediocreMan really does fit this guy I know better than Prolific Man or Cannot Count Man. (It is not as accurate as Moronic Man, but that is another story.) Still, it was nice to hear the kind words from a fellow writer. And it was fun giving myself other deserved names here today and talking about myself in third person. As of that particular meeting, I really did have at least seven projects close to ready to be released and ought to have ten digital projects on before the summer is out. In fact, by the next meeting I attended two weeks later, I had a total of nine released on Amazon. (Click here to see them all.) So maybe Almost Realistic Man would fit too.

I really would like to be Prolific Man, publishing book after book after book. Then again, it would be nice if they did not just sit on the shelf. Truth be told, being Best Selling Man would be even better than being Prolific Man. But when it comes right down to it, I really am just MediocreMan.

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