Back to Haunt Me · 15 November 2014

I have this recurring nightmare. (Actually, it has only happened in the night once or twice, but it I keep thinking about it so it is really a daymare. If that is even a word.) I am on the stand at a trial, my trial (a witch hunt really), being asked if I said I was a cheater. I try to answer, “Yes, but it was tongue in cheek. It was a facetious statement. It was satire,” but I get cut off and the lawyer asks that everything but the “Yes” gets stricken and that the judge hold me in contempt. The daymare ends there and I am just left with anxiety and confusion.

Part of my confusion is because I cannot imagine what I am on trial for. There is nothing in my past or present that would put me in danger of jail or worse. And last time I checked, Christians have not been burned or otherwise persecuted in the United States since Nero ruled. Oh sure, this daymare trial could be held in some other country where they do torture and murder Christians, but currently, I do not have plans on going there. (But you never know.)

The more I think about my daymare, the more I think it stems from two of my friends and faithful readers. (Yes, they are real not just figments of my imagination.)

Mike and Marc like to keep me humble. They read my stuff and then tease me about it. Sometimes M & M tease me in such a subtle manner that I do not even really know they are teasing me. (I am that dense sometimes.) Or they make mention of my most recent blog post, which by the time I see them (sometimes just a few hours later) has already passed through my mind and out to the internet never to be thought of again. (Actually, I do think of some of them again, it is just that by the time I post something, I am usually writing the next thing in my brain.)

At any rate, I am sure my friends M & M are the cause of my daymare. One or both of them will surely call me a cheater and back it up with my own words from my blog. They will take my tongue in cheekiness and throw it out on the table at lunch or during some other discussion. Alas, I will not be able to deny my own words.

In reality, I am flattered by the attention my friends give me. I will take all the readers I can get. In fact, I am happy that even if Marc is right and he and Mike are my only two real readers out there, at least I know somebody is reading. (Although it would be nice if there were more than two.)

Thankfully, I am not in danger of being a hateful ruler’s nighttime reading torch, but if it came down to it, I hope there is enough evidence to convict me of being a true Christ follower. On the other hand, I hope that I am not put on the stand and asked if I said I was a cheater. I hope that my words about being a Twitter cheater do not come back to haunt me like they do in my daymare.

© 2014 Michael T. Miyoshi

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