Somebody Is Watching Me · 3 January 2015

Whenever I think of Big Brother, I hear Rockwell (with Michael Jackson) singing Somebody’s Watching Me.

Big Brother, for those who do not remember or have not yet read 1984, is a reference to the government watching. Watching. Watching. Everything we do. Conspiracy theorists and many others think that there is always somebody watching. Just waiting for us to do something naughty. Santa’s spies with an agenda or some such notion. Maybe it is just paranoia. Or maybe it is not.

In today’s day and age, it does not really matter. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, people are willing to give up their privacy. Often times with hilarious effects. And certainly at times, detrimental.

As a writer, I want more fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. I cannot wait for a time when either or both get into the double digits. (Actually, they are both passed that point, but it sounds funnier that way, and maybe it made somebody look.) Still, one Twitter follower in particular needs to be mentioned and commented upon.

As I said, I love it when I get new fans and followers. After all, writers need readers. I feel like a kid seeing the presents under the Christmas tree when I see the notification exclamation point on Twitter. I was especially excited when I saw that Cascade Community Church (@cascadechurch) was following me.

Our family has been attending Cascade Community Church in Monroe for many years. It is our home and we have lots of friends there. Still, it got me to thinking about 1984 and Rockwell’s song when I saw that Cascade’s Twitter account was following me. I had to chuckle because Big Brother had a new face that day. Instead of a gruff government official or even a jolly old elf, I saw people’s faces from the church. Big Brother became my Christian brothers and sisters from our local church family. Needless to say, Big Brother was not so scary anymore.

Even as I chuckled in considering our church following me on Twitter, I wondered a couple things.

First, I wondered if I might get a few more followers. I already have one of my pastor friends from another church following me. But other than friends and family, most of my followers are writers rather than readers. (A fact that I would like to remedy, but have not figured out how as yet.)

The second thing I thought about was the Big Brother aspect of social media. God certainly does not need any spies to be watching us and neither does the local church body. Whatever we do gets found out. Especially, in a small town or even a large church. And in the day and age of social media. There are no secrets.

The more I think of social media and Big Brother, the more I think it is okay that somebody is watching me. In fact, I am thankful to Cascade Church and all my Facebook fans and Twitter followers for their interest in my writing. (I just wish others would follow too.)

Big Brother may have a new face for me now, but I still wish I did not need to hear the words and the song every time I open a web browser. But I know the words are true. Somebody is watching me.

© 2015 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. You’re right… Somebody is watching you. It’s me! ;)

    — Nagata · 5 January 2015, 17:33 ·

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