A Magnificent Magnanimous Month · 4 April 2015

March Magnanimous is over and it was indeed a magnificent, magnanimous month. Fun was had, attitudes were elevated, good deeds were done, and funds were raised. There was even a little madness in it as well. Pretty good for just a month’s worth of effort.

Seemingly the whole student body of our modest high school was in on the fun and festivities. People donated money to various groups for various do-gooding endeavors. Canned (and other) food was donated to a local food bank. Good will and magnanimity were had by all.

To finish off the month-long festivities, the three-on-three champion was crowned in a four quarter game in front of the whole school. The game was split into quarters so that other activities could be done and so that people could report on what was done during the month of magnanimity. The game and the three-point contest after the first quarter were entertaining. It was fun watching the two teams of students battle it out on the court and it was nice to see that both staff members called on to shoot those long shots made at least one each.

At half-time, diverse groups of the school told of their do-gooding and fund raising. Their reports showed how students from different walks of life could impact their world. They showed that they cared for their fellow human beings in creative ways. And it was announced that all the groups together raised nearly (or over depending on how the report was taken) $4000 for worthy causes (outside the school).

I marvel at the time and energy the advisors and their students put into such endeavors. I am amazed at how the student body can come together to do good for their community and the world. And I chuckle at how amusing some of those ways can be.

The last break in the game was the culmination of one of the fund raisers. The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) had a pie sale. Actually, they collected money to see which two teachers would earn a pie in the face. Six or seven teachers volunteered and the FBLA students collected money for about a week to see who would be the lucky winners. Who would be the teachers people wanted to see get pied.

The race was announced daily as was the Be the Change drive. I was not as in tune to the pie drive because I had not volunteered to take one for the team. Still, it was fun to hear who was in the lead each day. The race was neck and neck for most of the time. Ms. Simoni was in the lead all the way up until the next to the last day. That was the day that I heard one of our teachers donated thirty dollars to one of our other teachers to get Ms. Simoni out of first place. The donation dropped her to third and it looked like she was going to be safe.

It was interesting to see three chairs and pies sitting on the gym floor at the other end of the basketball game when we all entered the gym for the final day of March Magnanimous. Ms. Simoni was sick with worry. She was having second and third thoughts about volunteering for the pie in the face. Especially, since the voting (with dollars and cents) was so close throughout the competition. She wondered if the rules had been changed. If she would get the pie even though she was third. That third chair and third pie gave her fits throughout the whole assembly.

Her worries were indeed well founded, for it was announced that the race was so close that they decided the top three teachers should get pied. Three pies were indeed smeared on the faces of three teachers. There were cheers and roars of laughter at the spectacle. Great fun was had by all. Except Ms. Simoni, whose perfect hair and makeup were mussed and mangled by her pie.

After all the fun was over, unnamed sources confided that the voting may or may not have been quite as close as was announced. Regardless. The pie madness at a celebratory assembly was a magnificent way to end March Magnanimous.

© 2015 Michael T. Miyoshi

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