Miyoshi Claus Is Coming to Town · 19 December 2015

Chorus 1:
You better watch out, you better beware
When you’re in his class, you better not swear
Miyoshi Claus is coming to town
He’s wanderin’ ‘round his room every day
Listenin’ to what the kiddies might say
Miyoshi Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you’re surfing
He hears you say bad words
He makes you do your pushups
Even though it seems absurd

(Chorus 1)

His students like to make fun
Of things he likes to say
They even made an app for that
Get it on Google Play

(Chorus 1)

His students decorated
His room and entry door
They even won a prize for it
Something they’d never done before

(Chorus 1)

They took his words and phrases
To make each funny Christmas clause
Everybody looked and laughed at it
When at his door they took their pause

Chorus 2:
So merry Christmas to you and your kin
One last time, I’ll say it again
Miyoshi Claus is coming
You gotta know he’s coming
Miyoshi Claus is coming to town.

© 2015 Michael T. Miyoshi

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