I Won! · 16 January 2016

Fantasy football is over. And I won!

I know that fantasy football does not mean anything in the big scheme of things. But this year, it does mean that I get bragging rights for a year. Not that I will brag. Much. After all, even though I won in a nail-biting finale (if watching statistics can have nail-biting moments), I was very lucky.

In reality, I ought to brag lots. That my team was third highest average scoring in the league. That I beat all the higher seeds in the tournament. That I actually won the coveted trophy, Epitome. But contrary to what my wife says, I am not a braggart.

I know that each fantasy football league is different from all the rest, but it is still great to win. We have twelve managers in our league who pore over the stats each week trying to put the best statistical teams on the statistical fields. Some of us stay with the guys we drafted (our champion last year renamed his team “Autopick Champion”) while others try to pick up the hot hand from the waiver wire (that would be me). There are not many trades in our league, although we did have one this year. (It had dire consequences, but not the way any of us expected.) But mostly, our league is a fun way for a bunch of people who work together to have a little fun. Smack talking about how so-and-so is going to beat so-and-so or just marveling at the players’ output for our teams are always great bonding moments.

Besides the fun we have in our low-key league, we have a traveling trophy. We have all the names of the champions for the past several years on there for everyone to see. Again, not bragging, but if we had inaugurated the trophy when we first started the league near the beginning of online fantasy football, I would have my name on that trophy several times. (Not that anybody remembers except me, but that is another story.) Still, I am satisfied that I now have my name on the epitome of our fantasy football league.

Since fantasy football is all about statistics, one of the odd statistics I noticed was that in all but two of the championship tournament games, the lower seeds won. Which was great because except for the last game, I was the lower seed. In fact, our championship game was the number eight seed against the number seven seed (I was number seven for anybody counting). The two lowest seeds fought it out for the trophy. Much to the chagrin of our fellow managers, if either of us had played pretty much anybody else in the final game, neither of us would have won. In fact, we had two of the lowest scores in the whole season (although the toilet bowl game was even worse). The nail-biting came from the fact that the winning margin was less than two points. I was worried for a week afterward thinking that some statistical correction would change the outcome. I thought for sure I was going to have the call overturned.

But now that it has been a couple weeks since the final fantasy game has been played, I am the champion. I have the epitome of success in our little fantasy football league. I have the trophy. And the bragging rights for one year. Fantasy football is over. And I won.

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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