I Aspire to Be Mediocre · 20 February 2016

One of my dear friends and faithful readers says that my moniker, MediocreMan, is really a misnomer. At best a stretch. He is convinced that even after all these years, I should continue to aspire to become mediocre some day.

I must admit that I agree with my unnamed friend, Marc. (Oops. Did I write that out loud. (I guess that phrase does not really work with the written word. (I wonder if you can use nested parentheses in a piece of prose?))) At any rate, Marc is right. I ought to aspire to be mediocre. After all, the data says that I have a long way to go to be mediocre. And a really long way to becoming MediocreMan. After all, it is somebody special who deserves a superhero name. Even a mediocre one.

The most glaring statistics about how far I need to go to become mediocre are my readership numbers. I know that you cannot really just count total readership by Twitter and Facebook followers, but they are facts. They are hard numbers. And those numbers say that I do not reach many people. I have less than 100 Twitter followers (actually just over 70) and my Facebook followers have numbered 350 or thereabouts for years. It was exciting to see those numbers go up and up and up when I just started Facebooking. But then, they just stopped growing. Or at least slowed to a trickle. Now, it seems that I get a fan and lose a fan on the same day to stay even at 350.

I know I need to post more or engage with my readers more or do something more, but social media is like self-promotion and I am not so good at that. I do not post selfies or upload videos to YouTube showing me doing stupid stuff. Okay. I might have done the last thing. Once. I did post a video me doing a physics lecture in a Batman costume a couple years ago. But other than that one online bit of poor judgment, I have pretty much kept my online entity benign. And as Marc would say, less than mediocre.

Still, I work at my writing. I blog weekly. I post social media links to my blogs. I even occasionally do those six word stories on Twitter that an online acquaintance posts as writing prompts. I practice, practice, practice writing.

Maybe someday I will get it right and become somewhat mediocre. Then maybe my friend can tell me sincerely that I have truly lived up to my mediocre moniker. He can tell me that I have finally made it to being MediocreMan. At least that is my hope.

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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