Just a Few Regrets · 6 February 2016

Photo courtesy Margie Miyoshi

I wish that I had called more
   Just to say, “Hello”
I wish that I had visited more
   Though there were miles to go
I wish that I had been more
   Of a devoted son
I wish that I had prayed more
   That God’s will would be done

I wish that I could tell you
   That no regrets have I
But if I said it, we both know
   That it would be a lie
So instead I’ll do my best
   To live my life like you
But I am sure I’ll still have regrets
   Before my life is through

But you have been my witness
   From the Good Lord up above
You have done all that you could
   To show others of God’s love
You have been Christ’s hands and feet
   Doing what you were supposed to do
His open arms were there to greet you
   Now that your life is through

So now it is my turn to do
   The best job that I can
To be the hands and feet of Christ
   For every woman, every man
To show God’s love with word and deed
   To children great and small
I want to be just like you
   Giving love to all

So even though I didn’t call enough
   Just to say, “Hello”
And even though I did not visit more
   Because there were miles to go
I will be a more devoted son
   To Mom and God above
I pray that I will live more like you
   Living a life that shows God’s love

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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