A Reset Button · 27 February 2016

Sometimes life needs a reset button.

Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself, but I need a reset right now. I want to start over. Right here in the middle of life. It is like I am midway through the toughest quest in a game and I just realized I made a wrong turn somewhere. So it is time to reset.

Of course, life is not like that. Real life, not the board game. In the board game, you can just take all the people out of the car and move the car back to the beginning. You can decide whether to just start on your career or go to college and hopefully earn some life cards along the way. You might even get new kids with a reset. (Not that I need new kids or a new life.)

But real life is not like that. Not totally, anyway.

In real life, we can do some resetting. We can get a new house, a new car, even a new family. But changing who we are fundamentally is not so easy. It is tough to be a better parent, a better child, a better friend. At least without some sort of cost or repercussions. Which is why I feel like I need a reset button.

Life would be so much simpler with a reset button. Just think about it, we would have no worries about offenses or making people mad or sad. We would just hit reset. We could do and say stupid stuff and nobody would be the wiser. Just hit reset and all would be right with the world because you could play the game again.

Of course, we would remember. We would remember and attack the situation in a better way next time. We could think of the correct words or proper actions. We could even rehearse and do things over and over. If life had a reset button.

But then again, life would not be so great with a reset button. Friends would never remember us. Family would just be constructs for the game. Situations would be staged or get dull because you had done them so often before. There would be no edge because the reset button would always loom. It would always be there when you made a mistake.

Maybe I do not really need a reset button. Maybe I just need to reflect. Maybe I just need to realize that I can change. There is no need to start over. There is no need to wipe everybody’s memory and do things again. Besides, each morning is a reset. Each morning is a new day. And each new day is a new beginning.

(I need to stop musing now. I feel like I need hip waders or that I am rambling more than normal.)

When it comes right down to it, life does not need a reset button. It just needs a snooze button. And I just need a nap.

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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