Plugging Myself · 9 April 2016

If I was smarter, I would do what most authors seem to do. I would blog about my writing. Or at the very least, I would use social media to promote my blogging which points to my writing. Or something like that.

It seems that most authors these days have a blog. They write about this and that, but they seem to point to other writings in their blogs. They point to this book or that book that they wrote. They point to magazine articles they wrote. They point to themselves. They are smart. They know where their bread and butter come from and so they point to that source. Or those sources.

This pointing is surely what they do on social media. But they do not just point to themselves. They point to this article which will help others become more successful writers. They point to that article which will help others be better promoters. They point to their own articles which will help others use social media to promote their own endeavors. It seems that every post is a link to someplace on the world-wide web internet thingamabob, which in turn points back to them.

Personally, I think that authors just point to each other and back again. It is as if they get in a circle to rub each others’ backs, but instead of rubbing, they just point. They point to whoever is in their circle. Then, if somebody outside the circle is fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to find all those pointers, they get a bunch of information and advice. Hopefully, some of it is useful (It usually is.), rather than just promotional.

I am actually a little envious. I have not been invited to any of those pointing circles. Maybe it is because do not do enough pointing myself, but I do not get many people pointing at me. Do not get me wrong. If you, dear precious reader, follow me and like me, I am grateful for your readership. I cling to it like a drowning person clings to a life preserver. I just want to have people point to me more often.

But alas…

While nobody said I was smarter than the average bear, much less the average person, I must admit I am getting more savvy with social media. I now post something on twitter a few times a week rather than just once or twice. I even get a new follower every once in a while. It seems I lose one for every one I gain, but every once in a while people stick around. Thanks for that.

If I was smart, I would use my blog to point to my other writings like other authors do. I would tell my readers that they ought to go out and buy some of my books (I have a bunch on Amazon. Hint, hint.) so that I might really be able to substantiate my claim that I am a writer. I might even say that I am working on the fourth book in my series (two are out there on Amazon) to get people interested in the first two. (Did I mention that they are available on Amazon?) At any rate, I sometimes wonder if I am doing anything right as a writer. Regardless, I just keep plugging along writing each word. And while I plug myself every once in a while, I suppose I ought to get on the writer bandwagon and point to myself or others who will point to me. After all, pointing at oneself and at others who point back is what most writers seem to do.

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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