Full Screen or Not Full Screen · 2 July 2016

Full screen or not full screen? That is the question.

Whether it is easier to suffer the distractions of outrageous backgrounds or to go full screen just to blot them out. To write, to compose. To keep out distractions. Ay, there’s the rub. For in keeping out the background, the starkness blinds the eyes. And in blinding the eyes, there is more distraction.

Distractions and more distractions. That is the key. Avoiding distractions. But in avoiding distractions, the mind cannot keep to the task at hand. To write. To write without distraction or indeed, inspiration.

Oops. I must have waxed Shakespearean.

I must give my apologies to Mr. Shakespeare and his fans. His would be (rather is) a tough act to follow (pardon the pun). But the notion that using the word processor in full screen or using only the amount needed to see the words is a debate my wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi, and I have from time to time. We suffer the slings and arrows of which mode is better.

Actually, I am the only one suffering the slings and arrows. I get the barbs for leaving the word processor partway open instead of all the way open. It is like the whole debate of leaving the toilet seat down instead of up. Whoever used it last leaves it the way it is.

Of course in the toilet seat debate, I came up with a different argument. No. I am not a staunch, “I am going to leave it up” man. I decided long ago that having both the seat and the lid down was the way to leave the toilet. It was a child safety matter then, so there really was no debate.

There is no child safety matter in the case of the open word processor. There is no more or less eye strain when the program is open all the way to the edges of the screen. No crick in the neck is developed when the words are off a little to the side when the draft mode rather than the layout mode is used in conjunction with full screen. There are just no arguments for or against that compel either of us to change our minds about how we process words on the computer.

But alas, this strange topic has lost its steam. I cannot process any more thoughts about word processor modes. I suppose when you think about it, the question is not that complicated or earth shattering. But it is still a question that must be answered.

What was the question again? Aw, yes.

Full screen or not full screen? That is the question.

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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