Morning Kick Start · 23 July 2016

I get a little writing kick start in the morning with six-word stories. Not every morning, but I write those tiny stories whenever I get a prompt. Which makes me a little dependent on those offering the prompts. But that is okay, I write whether I get the kick start or not. It is just what I do. After all, I am a writer. Or at least I strive to be.

But back to those six-word stories.

Each morning before I write, I check through my social media, Facebook and Twitter. I look to see if my writing posts have garnered any likes or comments on Facebook and like or comment back. I like a few posts from my family and friends too. And sometimes I get a little lost in the whole voyeurism that is Facebook. But mostly, I just do a quick check to see what is happening in the world of my family and friends, and then check the status of my latest blog post.

Once I get onto Twitter, I look to see if I have any notifications. If somebody followed me, I usually put them in one of my lists. (I do not know exactly why, but I pretty much stopped following people. Oh sure, I do add people to follow from time to time, but mostly, I just put them in a list.) Then, I look for those six-word story prompts.

One of the people I follow, Kelsye Nelson (@Kelsye), puts out these six-word story prompts on a regular basis. Not every day mind you, but often enough that I like to use them as kick starts. One week, she put out a prompt every day and I was so happy. Then, she missed a day the next week and I was devastated. Okay. Not devastated. But I missed having the prompt. It was like having a slight withdrawal. I wrote a quick six-word story about missing my six-word story prompt (actually two that turned into a little rhyme). And I addressed it to Kelsye. (#6Words is kickstart for writing day. @Kelsye Missing my #6Words prompt today.)

The result was a new prompt (about morning routines). And a bunch of mentions in people’s tweets. Not that they were really mentioning me, but it was fun seeing that I had caused a little commotion in the Twitterverse that day. Kelsye put my handle out there with her prompt and so I got to see people’s six-word stories that day. I could look at other people’s six-word stories all the time, but this time, they were responding to me and I kept getting notified that they were responding to me. I came to see that there is more to this social media thing than meets the eye. Or something like that.

I actually like to post something new on Twitter each day whether it is a response to a six-word story prompt or a question or comment to the Twitterverse. It is part of my routine. And when that post is a story in response to a six-word story prompt, I give a sigh of relief. For on those days, I get a little kick start. I get to tell a story in just six words.

Six-word stories. Great morning kick starts.

(P.S. Hyphenated words just count as one.)

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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