Vote for Tony Ventrella · 1 October 2016

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I am not much into politics, but I must say that if I lived and voted in the eighth district, I would vote for Tony Ventrella.

I avoid political discussions like the plague. Mostly. But I was intrigued when I saw Tony Ventrella on TV and read about his political campaign in the newspaper. And so I had to comment.

Mr. Ventrella is running in the eighth district of the state of Washington against six-term U.S. representative, Congressman Dave Reichert. Congressman Reichert has the full might of the GOP political machine in his corner. He has fundraisers and political advisors and a lot of experience. He wants to be a representative for another term. Mr. Ventrella is a former sports newscaster. He is not a politician at all and has no desire to fund a political campaign even though he will represent the people of Washington if he is elected.

While it is amazing that Mr. Ventrella will do no fundraising (he said people ought to donate to their favorite charity instead) or real campaigning, these are not the most intriguing issues he raises. In fact, Congressman Reichert was the one who said the most profound thing about his opponent. He said that Mr. Ventrella does not really want the job. To me, that means he is the perfect candidate and would get my vote.

Photo courtesy Team Ventrella

The fact that the man would serve the state even though he does not really want the job is what the founding fathers wanted in their government. They and we do not really want career politicians running the country. Okay. Maybe some people do, but they ought not. After all, if the people making the rules would just do that job some of the time and live under those rules the rest of the time, there might be more justice, more fairness, more equality in the country. The founding fathers said that the ones making the rules needed to be landowners not because they wanted the elite to rule but because they wanted the rules to make sense to those who did stuff for the betterment of the community. Not that they had the whole country in mind all the time, but they certainly would not ruin the country by being the fat cats on the hill looking down on the rest. After all, they had already had a taste of that before.

At least that is what I remember from my history classes all those years ago.

Which brings me back to Tony Ventrella. He does not want to be part of the political machine. Or at least not the part that wastes lots of money doing what he does not really want to do in the first place. He does not want to spend money to get elected. He wants to put dollars where they matter. Back into services that benefit the community.

I know that I do not get to vote for the representative in the eighth district of the state of Washington, but I do know that I would vote for Tony Ventrella if I could. For even though he does not really want the job, I am sure he will be outstanding if the people give it to him.

Photo courtesy Team Ventrella

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