Bake and Release · 22 October 2016

A friend of mine likes to bake and release. It is a great concept that I wish more of my baker friends would do. And that I wish I could do too.

Chelsea is a great baker. She bakes cookies and cakes and all sorts of delectable treats. Sometimes she shares those treats with our staff. It is her way of satisfying her joy of cooking and her desire to stay away from too many sweets. Which is why Chelsea bakes and releases said treats to those around her. Of course, her practice makes those around her more rounder. (I know it is incorrect English, but it is also one of my more stupider puns.)

Chelsea had made some of those delicious treats a few weeks ago and merely told us about them. She did not bake and release. She did tell us that she meant to bring them, but the cookies did not make it out her front door. Apparently, her husband is a chow hound like every other male I know, and does not share in Chelsea’s desire to share the wealth. Actually, she said that he had eaten just a few, but enough that there would not be enough to release to the wild things at lunch.

I was surely disappointed that I had missed out on the treats, but I was glad that Chelsea’s husband got to eat them. After all, I am usually not a bake and releaser. I am a baker and eater. I gobble up cookies and cakes and every treat. If I had blue fur and googly eyes, I might be mistaken for Cookie Monster, the way I like to chomp down goodies. Of course, I am a bit neater than said monster. After all, I do not want to waste even one crumb.

Or even give those crumbs to others.

I have tried to bake and release. It is just so hard to let those goodies get out of the house. I wish it was easy to take the aromas and tastes away and give them to others. It is just that the aromas and tastes are the aromas and tastes. I do not want to give them away. I want them for myself.

Which is why I am not cut out for the whole bake and release philosophy or practice. However (hint, hint), I am completely open to those who do like to practice bake and release.

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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