Feeling Irrelevant · 10 December 2016

Photograph of Mars
taken by the Hubble Space Telescope
This work is in the public domain.

I am feeling irrelevant today.

I know I should not look at my numbers too much, but my Facebook reach is getting lower and lower each blog. It is not a true measure of how many people are reading my stuff, but I think it is indicative. I am just not as funny or relevant anymore. Not that I ever was, mind you. It is just that the numbers are confirming it.

I suppose the life of a blogger is limited anyway. Especially, somebody like me who just writes drivel and puts it out there to see if anybody will read it. I mean who wants to read the musings of a celebrity, much less musings of MediocreMan. Yeah, I know. It is one of the coolest superhero names I have ever invented, but does anybody really care what Joe Blow thinks anyway?

That has been my shtick since day one. Write as a normal everyday guy who does not really have anything earth-shattering to say, but just muses about life. About life as a normal human being. Nothing fancy or anything. Just thoughts. Apparently, there is not much appeal to that. I was wrong in assuming that normal people want to read normal thoughts about normal life.

Of course, I should have realized there was not going to be much appeal from the outset. After all, if you look at the front pages of the tabloids, all you see are celebrities who are getting married or celebrities who are getting divorced or celebrities who got abducted by aliens or celebrities who really are aliens. Apparently, life is not for living. It is for reading about other people who appear to be living. On Mars. Or at least have lived on Mars.

I know. It is cynical to think that nobody cares about what the everyman thinks. That nobody wonders if anybody is home just because the porch light is on. That nobody really does anything anymore. But just think about it. If all we do is live vicariously by looking at the tabloids or watching TV and movies and YouTube or hanging out on social media, we are just enjoying other people living instead of living ourselves.

Of course, there is another side to watching what others are doing. It is always good to know that you are doing better than somebody else. Like Don Henley sang, “We love dirty laundry.” And it does not even need to be from Mars.

Well, since I am not from Mars, never have been to Mars, nor do I desire to step foot on Mars, I guess I do not have much to say. Which is probably why I am probably losing followers. Maybe I should be MediocreMartian instead of MediocreMan.

It probably would not matter though. I would still be irrelevant.

© 2016 Michael T. Miyoshi

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