Stupid Internet · 14 January 2017

The internet is stupid. Rather, getting to the internet is stupid. Or painful.

We have been wrestling with the internet for quite a while now. It seems that sometimes we get great internet and sometimes we do not. Sometimes we can stream on several devices. Sometimes we cannot even get one device to play a YouTube video. Sometimes we can surf the interweb and peek in on what other people are doing on Facebook. Sometimes we cannot even get to any social media site at all.

It is frustrating to say the least. But we live with it. I do anyway. Until it is time to post my blog or see what my Facebook fans and Twitter followers are disliking or unfollowing. When the internet slows to a crawl and I cannot surf anywhere, I just write more silly blog posts. Sometimes about the stupid internet.

Our internet provider did send us a solution to our internet problem. A new DSL modem. It is a modem plus wireless combination. Of course, the wireless does not have any of the features our current wireless has, so I figured I could make a simple adjustment to the new modem and make it work like our old one. Hopefully, a bit faster.

No such luck.

I spent a couple days scouring the internet for hints on how to make my new modem a bridge like I did with the old one. Then, I could not get the thing to work the way the old one did. The new modem with wireless would have been great if I could have set it up to take the place of the old wireless, but I could not get it to have the same password. It would not take any characters other than A-D-O-P-R-S-W. Sure we could arrange those letters any way and as many times we wanted to create PASSWORD (get it?), but what a pain. Okay, we could use all the letters, numbers too, but still, every internet security expert says to put in special characters into passwords to make them really secure. (Of course, unless you write them down, you will never remember them. But that is a completely different story.)

Well, the story of the new modem is not over. I am still fiddling with it. I work on it a bit and then go back to using the old one. Who knows what the final outcome will be. If there were more than one choice for internet providers, we might try them. But giving people a choice on who can provide internet service would be a preposterous thing. (There are still a few regulated monopolies out there.) I suppose it is just Ma Bell rearing her ugly head again and again saying, “See, I told you I was a good thing.”

Anyway. I have no idea what I am writing or what the outcome of our internet fiasco will be. All I know is that when it comes right down to it, the internet is stupid. Or at least getting there is.

[Note: I wrote this a while ago when we got our new modem (works okay) and new wireless router (which works great). It all works now, but I still wanted to post this so I could put out its sequel.]

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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