Snow Day · 18 February 2017

Snow days are not what they used to be.

It used to be that snow days meant going out to shovel snow and then getting outside with the kids to make snow forts or snow sculptures. Now, it just means shoveling snow and hoping that the one kid left in the house might deign to come outside and play in the snow with me.

In some ways, it is a disappointment when he says no. And in some ways it is a relief.

On our last snow day, Thing 3 said that it was too cold outside. He was also feeling a bit under the weather. Still. So I did not push the issue. Part of it was that the snow was a bit mushy so while it would be pretty good packing snow, it would be difficult to build anything with much height.

I did not realize the other part of my not pressing my son to go outside with me until later. I did not realize that I was a bit relieved that I did not need to go outside and get cold and wet. Sure, part of it was knowing that the snow was not really the best for forts or sculptures. But part of it was also that being cold and wet is not my idea of fun anymore. I like to be warm and dry.

I am not sure when this idea of needing to be warm all the time came to me. Perhaps it is just part of getting older and being colder all the time in the winter. Or perhaps it is just that I am a bit off my game right now. Just finally getting over a lingering cold. Either way, it is a disturbing thought thinking that I would rather stay inside and look at the snow than be out in it fortifying my position or creating art.

Photo by Lisa C. Miyoshi

I am not sure when the next snow day will come, but I am not going to be content sitting inside and watching the snow fall. I intend to go out there and create something. Igloo, fort, or art. It does not really matter. I just need to enjoy the snow.

Then again, who knows? I might be ready to sit by the fire and stay warm and cozy. I might be content knowing that snow days are not what they used to be.

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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