#WouldYouNoticeIf · 1 July 2017

I saw a trending #hashtag on #Twitter the other day that inspired a short (less than 140 characters) poem.

…the sun did not shine
…the moon did not rise
…the rain did not fall
…the Spirit did call?

There are things that happen all around us that we might not ever notice. We are too busy with our phones and our own little worlds to see what is going on around us. Sure, there are those who see everything, but they seem to be fewer and farther between than they used to be. They are a vanishing breed. Oh, there are those who notice everything happening on the internet. Big news, little news, trivial news, sensational news, or even fake news. But I wonder if we fail to see the big news right in front of our faces happening every day.

I see people take selfies and otheries and even videos all the time. They put those images and videos on the internet through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever happens to be the trending social media. I wonder if the desire to be in front of or behind the camera has lessened our desire to be in the moment. Or at least dulled the sense of being in the moment. Do we have the cheesy smile ready all the time in case somebody snaps a quick picture? Do we have something witty to say in case somebody starts taking a video while we are doing something mundane and normal? Do we look at everything from a photographer’s or videographer’s point of view now? So much so that we forget that life happens even when the camera is off?

I wonder.

I wonder if we have passed the point of no return. If everybody will soon have a live video feed to their social media going twenty-four seven. I hope not. I hope that we can live life and notice the little things happening around us. I hope we can enjoy the sunshine or the full moon rising or even the rain falling. Without needing to take a picture of it or video it or stream it live. I hope we can hear the Spirit call us to a full life. Yes, I hope so.

But still, I wonder.

I was not planning on writing as much as I have about a simple #hashtag, but sometimes social media is more than just a platform to promote yourself. Sometimes (if we take the time to notice) thoughts can spring from a tender moment or a mundane task or even a simple question.

So I wonder. #WouldYouNoticeIf?

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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