Two Weeks of Scruffiness · 29 July 2017

My friend said I looked 17. My sister commented that I could actually grow facial hair. She did not need to add, “barely.” Needless to say, they were both making fun of my two weeks of scruffiness.

For some reason, I decided to not shave for a couple weeks. Actually, there were two reasons. One was that we were out of town for a couple days and even though I took my electric razor, I pretended that I did not have it. After all, I also knew we were going camping in a week and a half, and I was definitely not taking my shaver camping. That would be going against the man rules. And since you are supposed to go camping and come back with a face full of facial hair, I figured I ought to get a head start (reason number two). After all, three nights camping would just barely put a little stubble on my face.

Well to make a short story a little longer, I decided that I ought to put my picture out there on social media. I took a couple pictures and put them on Instagram, which goes to both my Twitter and Facebook feeds. That was when I got the comments from my friend and my sister.

There were actually a few more comments than just the two. Most were that I keep going or that I should make sure my students actually got a chance to see the little bit of beard and mustache (if you could actually call them such). One asked me to show him how to do it, which just made me smile at his smooth baby face. One friend suggested I was Grizzly Mike, and another suggested I should not give up (of course, he actually looks like Grizzly Adams). I appreciated all the comments and was glad I could add a little humor into other people’s lives.

My friend and faithful reader, Marc, and my sister were my favorite commenters though.

My sister’s thought was really that now I actually have proof that I can grow facial hair. Barely. It was funny because it was what I was thinking when I took the selfies. (They are not the very first selfies, but they are close.) That and the fact that I could hear the lilt in her voice in my head as I read the comment, made me chuckle.

Marc’s comment about me looking like I am 17 only appears to be a compliment. After all what fifty-something year old man would not want to be 17 again? (Without the angst and worry and acne. Okay. Maybe not.) But the white hair on top and both above and below the lips are a dead giveaway that I am not 17. And since I know that if Marc did not shave for two weeks, he would look like Grizzly Adams, I knew he was commenting on how sickly and wimpy my facial hair was. Like his might have been when he was 17. (His probably would have been thicker back then than mine was the last couple weeks.)

Well, like I said, I appreciated the comments on the selfies of my facial hair (or lack thereof). It was actually nice not shaving, but it was nicer to not have the sparse but longer (both time and length)-than-I-have-ever-had hair on my face anymore. (It was not fun shaving it off. But that is another story.)

Thanks again for the comments on my two weeks of scruffiness. I now have proof that I can actually grow facial hair even if it barely looks like it. And even though he did not mean it that way, I would be happy to look 17 again.

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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