What? The Truck? · 9 September 2017

A funny thing happened in the parking lot at work the other day (actually, it happened last spring). I was driving into the parking lot while Bruce (who teaches in the room next door) was walking into the building. He looked at me, raised his shoulders (his hands were full) and gave me a look of amazement and perhaps confusion. I took it to mean, “What? The truck?”

Now in reality, the punctuation and even spelling of the phrase might have been a little different in Bruce’s mind, but I understood his look. He has not seen me drive the truck in three years. Nobody had until recently.

Well, to make a short story a little longer, I talked to Bruce to confirm his look. I mentioned that the look could not have been amazement that we were dressed like twins. After all, even though I could see that we were wearing shirts with the same school logos from the same year, he could not have seen it from his perspective. He told me that he thought I had gotten rid of the truck or that it was still dead. I let him know that I had resurrected the truck and gotten it on the road in time for each driver to have a vehicle this summer.

In reality, I got the truck working last summer. But I had only driven it a few times. I had put it away for the winter because it was painfully obvious that we could not just keep it insured all the time. So we only insure it when we are driving it on a daily (or nearly so) basis.

Well, Bruce commiserated with me a bit. He knows the feeling of needing a car for each driver in the household because he has four drivers too. In fact, he put a truck on the road this summer too. But he did not need to resurrect his.

Unfortunately, this story is about played out. I had a grand plan for telling about the resurrection of my truck, but remembered that I have already done that. I also thought of an alternate plan to talk about punctuation and spelling, but that is not really that entertaining. Especially, since this is a G-rated blog.

Anyway, I only really just thought Bruce’s reaction to my driving the truck was entertaining. His eyes wide open. His shoulders and arms raised as much as possible with the stuff he had in his hands. His whole body just saying to me as I drove past, “What? The truck?”

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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