The Bee Gees? Really? · 30 September 2017

“Night fever, night fever
We know how to do it.”

I was a teen in the seventies and early eighties. So I know a little about discos and dancing and the music that goes with it. I still like some of that music (but do not tell anybody). Still, I have no idea how Night Fever gets stuck in my head every so often.

I like the Bee Gees as much as the next guy. Okay, probably less than some and more than a lot. Still, I have no idea how Night Fever got stuck in my head. Or at least I did not until I wrote that last sentence. In fact, as I wrote it, I figured out exactly how it got stuck in my head. It has been sitting there since the seventies when I got my first stereo.

My first stereo was actually just an eight-track tape player. It had a built in amplifier and came with speakers, and it was heaven. I could listen to music all day and all night. At least if my parents let me.

Of course, after I got my eight-track, I did not have much music to listen to. Fortunately, back in those days, there were music clubs, which were a great way to get new music to come right to your door. (There was no internet yet.) So I joined one.

For those of you who have always had the internet, eight-tracks were high fidelity equipment that came out before good cassette tape players. These were before CD players and mp3 players and smart phones. That meant that you had to get eight-track tapes, which you could buy at stores or you could get through a music buying club. These music clubs were set up so that you could order a bunch of music at one time as an introductory offer, then you would get a new tape every month for as long as you were in the club. Now, I am not sure why I got an eight-track player instead of a phonograph, but I did. (If I had bought a phonograph, I might be able to take advantage of the comeback vinyl has been making for years and years.)

Believe it or not, one of the first eight-tracks that I got was the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. And you guessed it, Night Fever, night fever was in that movie and thus on that soundtrack.

Well, since I only had a few eight-tracks in the beginning, I played the same ones over and over and over again. So much so that forty years later, Night Fever, night fever is still playing in my head. And while the Bee Gees may know how to do it, I do not. At least if it is getting Night Fever out of my head.

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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