My Fantasy Football Fantasy · 16 December 2017

My fantasy football fantasy went down the drain with no fanfare at all. It was quite the fiasco.

If you have been reading my blog for very long, you know that I won our fantasy football championship a couple years ago. It was great. Bragging rights and a trophy sitting in my room at school for a whole year. Plus, my name written on said trophy for all eternity. And, of course, a blog post or two thrown in for good measure. Fun stuff.

This year, I was hoping to do it again. In fact, I thought I was on track to do so. I had won the regular season on the last game due to a loss by the team that had been in first place all year. Our records were the same, but I had beaten him in our head to head game. So I won the regular season trophy. Not only that, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had won the scoring trophy as well. I never saw that coming. I knew I had scored well most of the season, but did not think I was the high scorer of our league.

So there I was with two of the three trophies in our league. Sure, they are only digital, but it was nice to be going into the playoffs knowing I had won the regular season. I had high hopes for the playoffs too. I had fiddled with my roster and had a decent lineup for that first game. The number one against the number eight. I was thinking I could win the championship and get the trifecta of fantasy football. But alas, it was not to be.

I needed my last player to give me eight points on Monday night. Not unthinkable since he had been on a roll. But he managed less than was necessary. I lost in the first round. The trifecta hope was gone. My fantasy football fantasy was went poof.

On the bright side, I still have the two trophies (yes, I know they are just digital). And even though I will not have bragging rights for the year, there is always next season. And I could still come out with a third place trophy. Not what I was hoping for, but that is okay. I had fun so far, and I will set my lineups like I was going for the championship. In fact, that is one of the lessons I learned this year. Remember what got you there and stick to the winning formula.

To be sure, there is not really a winning formula in fantasy football. At least not in our league. We have too many teams to get consistent output all season long. One week somebody will score over a hundred points with his lineup and the next sixty with the same lineup. Not that I am complaining. I just need to remember that you gotta play the players who will give you the best chance of winning the statistical game. Not just the players who are streaking. Which is what I did. I benched a player who had been on a slow streak for a couple weeks. Playing that receiver would have put me on top without the need for Monday night heroics. Ah well, I should have remembered that you are supposed to go home from the dance with the person who brought you. Streaks do not last. But consistent play from does. Anomalies abound in fantasy football. You just gotta stick with the players who are consistent. Or at least mostly consistent.

I was happy winning the regular season trophies this year. In fact, I was surprised how disappointed I was when I knew I could not compete for the championship trophy. I would not get to see Epitome (the name of our trophy) sitting on my desk this year. But that is okay. There is always next year. My fantasy football fantasy for 2017 is over, but my fantasy football fantasy for 2018 (just the trophy, not the trifecta) has already begun.

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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