Liking Other Writers · 13 January 2018

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I like it when other writers comment on my blog or Facebook page or retweet my Twitter posts. It gives some validation that maybe I can write. Not that validation is necessary, but it is always nice when somebody other than a friend or relative says that maybe, just maybe, I can write.

I love that my friends and family like my writing. Or at least say they do. I know not all of them are my Facebook fans or Twitter followers, but I do not expect them to be. And I am not the sort of person to keep inviting them to follow my fan page (or whatever they are called these days). I do not want to be known as that friend or that family member. I just like to be me.

Speaking of Facebook, it used to be that I would look at the number of fans I had on my fan page and compare it to the number of friends that I had. I figured that if they were about the same number, it meant that I had other people following me than just my family and friends because certainly not all of my friends follow me. After all, they probably do not all know that I write stuff. Okay. If they have known me for more than a few days, they probably do know. But even so, I am not that great of a self-promoter.

Which is where this started off in the first place, believe it or not.

I am always amazed when somebody I do not know retweets me or follows me on Twitter. I usually look up the person to find out what might have brought them to do such a thing. Then, I put the person on one of my lists or maybe even follow somebody. Usually a list. At any rate, I still get excited when somebody I do know adds me to a list, follows me, or retweets me. Imagine my excitement when somebody I do not know does any of those things. I get ecstatic and try to find out who the person is.

When I go on a little hunt for the person retweeting me, I check out the person’s Twitter page and web page, if it exists. It is usually fun to see what the person is like. Or at least what the person’s online persona is like. There have been a few unsavory types, but for the most part, the readers I get seem like nice people.

Which brings me back to where I started.

I enjoy seeing other writers retweet me. Or point to a blog post. Or even post a comment on my blog. Sometimes they want to get a link to their own stuff out of the deal, but it usually seems that they genuinely like what I write. I know that is a crazy thought, but it seems like it. One of those commenters and reposters is Lydia Schooch. She has retweeted a few posts of mine and commented on at least a couple of my blog posts. (Which means that she read them within three weeks of when they were posted.) I am not sure if she reads all my stuff, but that does not really matter that much. I am just excited that she reads anything because she is a writer. I have not looked up all her stuff, but I do like what I have read. And did I mention that she has liked my stuff? And retweeted me? Amazing.

Well, I have been meaning to thank Lydia for commenting and retweeting (which is not the same as endorsing me), so hopefully this suffices. Maybe a couple of my friends and followers will like her stuff too. Which is the point of everybody being part of any mutual admiration society, pointing to each other and saying good stuff. (Which is infinitely better than pointing and laughing. Or even just pointing.)

At any rate, thank you Lydia and everybody else out there who likes and comments on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. I love to see those notifications. Even though I do not need them for validation. Thank you for thinking that I can write. Even if others think that it is silly to keep encouraging me.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. You’re very welcome, Michael!

    I don’t comment on all of them, but I read all of your posts. You have an interesting blog. :)

    Lydia Schoch · 14 January 2018, 09:33 ·

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